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Sassa grant and types

Every South African citizen has the right to receive a basic income grant from the state. This grant is known as the Sassa Grant, and it’s been helping people get by in financially challenging times since 1994. Sassa Grants come in different forms and there are numerous types available to those who qualify. In this blog post, we’ll explore what these grants are, how you can apply for them, and how they can help you make ends meet. Read on to learn more!

what is Sassa grant

Sassa grants are social security payments made to eligible South African citizens. There are different types of Sassa grants, each with its specific purpose and eligibility requirements. The most common types of Sassa grants are the Old Age Pension, the Disability Grant, and the Care Dependency Grant.


To qualify for a Sassa grant, applicants must meet certain income and asset requirements. They must also be residents of South Africa and have a valid South African ID number. Once an application is approved, Sassa will make regular payments to the grant recipient until they no longer meet the eligibility criteria.


Sassa grants can make a big difference in the lives of those who receive them. They can provide financial security and peace of mind, knowing that there is a safety net in place should something happen. For many people, Sassa grants are a lifeline that allows south african citizens to live with dignity and independence.

Types of Sassa grant

Sassa grants are given to people in need, who are ill or disabled and can not work. There are three types of Sassa grants:


  1. The Care Dependency Grant is for people who cannot take care of themselves and need full-time care from another person.
  2. The Disability Grant is for people with a physical or mental disability that prevents people to earn for themselves. 
  3. The Foster Care Grant is for children who have been placed in foster care due to being orphaned, neglected, or abused.

Sassa r350 grant and Sassa status check

The Sassa r350 grant is a temporary unemployment relief measure that was introduced in South Africa in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant provides eligible individuals with a once-off payment of R350 per month for three months.


To check the status of your Sassa application, you can visit the Sassa website and use the online application checking link. 


If you have not yet applied for the Sassa r350 grant, you can do so by visiting the Sassa website and completing the online application form after application submission, you can also Sassa status check through Sassa online portal.


Old age grant

The South African Social Security Agency provides grants to eligible South Africans who are over the age of 60. The old age grant is a monthly payment that can help cover basic needs like food, housing, and healthcare. To qualify for the old age grant, applicants must meet certain requirements, including being a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa and having an income below a certain threshold.

war veteran grant

There are many different types of grants available to war veterans, each with its own set of eligibility requirements. The most common type of grant is the Sassa grant, which is a needs-based grant that provides financial assistance to war veterans who are unable to support themselves. Other types of grants include the Veterans Affairs Grant, which provides financial assistance to disabled war veterans, and the Military Family Relief Grant, which provides financial assistance to families of active-duty military personnel.


Disability grant Sassa

There are a few different types of disability grants available from Sassa. The most common is the Permanent Disability Grant, which is for people who have a permanent disability that prevents them from working. There are also Temporary Disability Grants, which are for people who have a temporary disability that prevents them from working. Finally, there are Youth Disability Grants, which are for young people between the ages of 18 and 21 who have a disability that prevents them from working.


The amount of each grant varies depending on the severity of the disability and the needs of the individual. However, all grants provide financial assistance to help cover basic living expenses such as housing, food, and clothing.


Foster care sassa grant

The South African Social Security Agency provides a monthly foster care grant to qualifying households. To qualify for the foster care grant, households must meet certain income and asset requirements.


The foster care grant is intended to help cover the costs of caring for a child in your home. These costs can include food, clothing, shelter, and other necessary expenses. The amount of the foster care grant is based on the number of children in your care.


Child support sassa grant

There are many grants available from Sassa, but one of the most popular is the child support grant. This grant provides financial assistance to single parents or guardians who are raising children on their own. The grant can be used for expenses such as food, clothing, housing, and education.


To qualify for the child support Sassa grant, you must be a South African citizen, have a special grant permit, permanent resident, and have a valid ID document. Your age must be 18 years or older and responsible for a child under the age of 18. If you are not employed, you must be actively seeking employment. You can apply for the child support Sassa grant at your local Sassa office or online at


Sassa grants are a great way to get much-needed financial assistance, and there is something for everyone. Whether you need help with monthly expenses or a large one-time payment such as an education grant, Sassa has you covered. If you’re looking for some extra cash flow to make ends meet or if you have special needs that require additional funding, don’t hesitate to apply – the process is easy. With so many options available, it’s never been easier for South Africans to find the support they need; no matter what their situation may be.


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