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SASSA Appeal Status Check: Reapplying and Appeal Status After Rejection

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides crucial financial aid to qualifying citizens through various social grant programs. However, applications for these SASSA grants including the COVID-19 SRD grant may sometimes be rejected or declined.

If your SASSA application is rejected, you have the right to dispute the decision by submitting a SASSA appeal online. It is vital to frequently check your SASSA appeal status to ensure smooth processing and timely access to entitled benefits.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to check your SASSA appeal status conveniently online.

Understanding SASSA Appeals and Reconsideration

A SASSA appeal refers to formally disputing your rejected social grant application and requesting reconsideration from SASSA.

You can submit an appeal if you disagree with the reasons provided for your application being declined. Common grounds for rejection include:

  • Failing the means test
  • Errors in your application
  • Issues with your supporting documents

To begin the appeals process, you must first understand why your initial SASSA application was unsuccessful. This will be communicated to you via SMS, email or letter from SASSA.

The next step is lodging a formal appeal within 90 days of being notified of your status being declined. Submit all supporting documents and motivation explaining why you qualify for reconsideration of the grant.

SASSA will then reassess your appeal and communicate the outcome. If your appeal is approved, you will finally receive access to grant payments.

Why Check SASSA Appeal Status Regularly

Frequently checking your SASSA appeal status is crucial for several reasons:

Track Processing Timelines

Processing appeals takes 1-3 months. Regularly checking your status determines how far your appeal is in the system. This assists with planning and patience.

Spot Any Errors Immediately

Early status checks can identify any errors in your appeal application before finalization. You can swiftly correct inaccuracies that may jeopardize approval odds.

Avoid Delays

Timeous status checks ensure you submit all required revert documents within deadlines. This prevents avoidable delays due to outstanding information.

Expedite Approval Decisions

Faster submission of requested information accelerates the review and finalization of your appeal outcome. This enables quicker access to grant funds if approved.

Remain Up To Date on Outcomes

Routine status checks provide you real-time updates on appeal decisions as soon as they are reached. No waiting lengthy postal delays.

Initiate Prompt Payment

Once approved, immediately checking status facilitates swift addition of your banking details to commence payment. This aids prompt grant disbursement.

Rectify Rejection Reasons

Understanding why your appeal was rejected helps identify areas needing revision for strengthened reapplication.

How To Check SASSA Appeal Status Online

SASSA offers user-friendly digital platforms to conveniently verify your appeal status and application progress at any time.

Check Appeal Status on SASSA SRD Website

The quickest and simplest way to check your status is via the SASSA SRD website. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Go to SASSA Appeal Status Check (
  • Step 2: Enter your SA ID number.
  • Step 3: Input your registered mobile number.
  • Step 4: Click “Send OTP”.
  • Step 5: Retrieve the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  • Step 6: Enter the OTP on the website.
  • Step 7: Your appeal status will display on screen.

Using the official SASSA SRD website enables round-the-clock status checks directly from your smartphone or computer.

Check Appeal Status via WhatsApp

An additional method to check your status is by using WhatsApp. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Save the number 082-046-8553 on your phone as “SASSA Status”.

Step 2: Initiate a chat on WhatsApp with the new “SASSA Status” contact.

Step 3: Type your ID number and send.

Step 4: You will receive an automated reply SMS displaying your current appeal status.

This provides easy access to your status, even without mobile data or airtime.

Call SASSA Contact Centre

You can also check your appeal status telephonically by calling the SASSA contact center directly at:

Toll free: 0800 60 10 11

Simply provide your name, surname, ID number and mobile number. The agent will relay information regarding your appeal status, whether it is still pending, approved or declined.

Visit nearest SASSA Office

For hands-on assistance, you can physically visit your nearest SASSA office or pay point to enquire about your appeal status progress. Offices operate Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. Bring your ID book and Initial rejection letter for reference.

Key Status Outcomes To Check

When you verify your SASSA appeal status online or telephonically, there are a few common outcomes to check for:

  • Pending – Your appeal is still being processed and reviewed. Continue monitoring regularly.
  • Approved – Your appeal was successful, grant will be paid once banking details are furnished.
  • Declined – Unfortunately your appeal was rejected. Consider applying again with enhanced motivation.
  • Further Information Required – Additional documents or clarification needed from you before appeal outcome is finalized.


Remaining Up To Date Through Regular Status Checks

Diligently checking your SASSA appeal status at least weekly equips you with the latest real-time information regarding your application progress.

This awareness empowers you to promptly submit requested documents, rectify errors, query anomalies and efficiently follow-up and finalize the appeals process.

Consistent status checks ultimately facilitate quicker resolution of your rejected grant application, enhancing your access to essential SASSA social assistance or successfully disputing unfair rejection.

Common SASSA Grant Appeals And Required Documents

Different SASSA grants involve tailored application criteria and appeal requirements. Here is a breakdown of common appeals and what documents to prepare per grant:

Older Person’s Grant

Documents: Identity document, proof of income, bank statement, medical assessment or disability proof if needed.

Disability Grant

Documents: Medical assessment, assistive device prescription, bank details, disability organization membership proof.

Child Support Grant

Documents: Children’s clinic cards and birth certificates, proof of school attendance, passport photos, caregiver ID.

Foster Child Grant

Documents: Court order, foster care placement documents, birth certificate, child protection organization letter.

Care Dependency Grant

Documents: Medical assessment, doctor’s confirmation of care requirement, clinic cards, birth certificate.


Documents: Disability grant details, assistive device quotes, bank account details.

Social Relief of Distress Grant

Documents: Proof of unemployment or income below minimum threshold, bank details, rejected application letter.

Preparing the right supporting documents, evidence and motivation tailored to the specific grant appeal strengthens the reconsideration case for approval.

Can I Submit Multiple SASSA Appeal Applications?

No, you can only lodge one appeal per month that your grant application is rejected. Any duplicate or overlapping appeals for the same period will be disregarded.

Rather focus efforts on submitting a comprehensive, well-motivated appeal with all required documentation correctly for your best reconsideration chance.

What Happens After My Appeal Is Approved?

Once your SASSA appeal is successfully approved upon review, you will receive an SMS or email notification of the outcome. Required next steps before receiving grant payments include:

  • Completing banking details for payment method.
  • Signing payment redemption agreement.
  • Confirming grant delivery channel – bank transfer, cash at paypoint or SASSA card.
  • Verifying your status reflects as “Approved” before next payment month.
  • Waiting for the scheduled payment date and using authorized withdrawal methods.

Be sure to closely monitor the status even after approval to ensure you are paid correctly the first month.

Can I Appeal A Second Rejection?

If your initial SASSA appeal is regrettably declined, you can lodge a second and final appeal within 90 days of the first rejection outcome.

This second chance reconsideration involves submitting a new improved appeal application addressing the reasons for the first decline. Promptly and thoroughly dispute the rejection providing air tight evidence of your eligibility.

How Successful Are SASSA Appeal Applications?

Of the many thousands of SASSA appeals lodged each month, approximately 35-40% are ultimately approved after reconsideration. The success rate varies based on the quality of motivation provided and strength of supporting documentation.

Thorough preparation of appeal evidence and clearly demonstrating your qualification for the grant significantly enhances your odds of a status change from rejected to approved.

Persistence with comprehensive appeal motivations can overcome initial disappointments.

Can I Appeal After 90 Days?

No, any SASSA appeals submitted beyond the 90 day window period from the initial rejection date will automatically be invalid. Appeals also cannot be lodged retrospectively for previous months.

Each month your application is declined, you must dispute it within 90 days for that corresponding period to ensure seamless continuity of potential grant payments.

Do I Need Legal Representation for My Appeal?

You do not require paid legal assistance or representation when submitting your personal SASSA appeal or checking your status online. The process is designed to be accessible and manageable for citizens themselves.

However, should your second appeal also be rejected and you wish to escalate the matter to the High Court, professional legal counsel may then be approached to institute formal review proceedings.

Tips for Improved SASSA Appeal Outcomes

Follow these guidelines when compiling your appeal for maximum impact and stronger likelihood of a reversed decision:

  • Refer directly to the reasons initially provided for your grant application rejection. Systematically counter each point.
  • Ensure your motivation addresses eligibility criteria like income threshold, disability status, caregiving credentials and unemployment.
  • Submit recent, valid supporting documentation, properly certified if necessary. Eliminate any gaps.
  • Demonstrate dire financial need and how the grant will serve as a socio-economic lifeline. Quantify your monthly shortfall.
  • Meticulously check that all your information and contact details are accurately captured to avoid rejection based on discrepancies.
  • Remain respectful and solution-oriented. Do not make accusations without evidence.
  • Request an extension if unable to meet the deadline for submissions.
  • Follow-up 2 weeks after submission if status remains unchanged. Be politely persistent.
  • Provide banking details swiftly when notified of approval to enable first payment.
  • Thank SASSA representatives for reconsidering your appeal. Cultivate goodwill.

Can Rejected Applicants Reapply?

If your SASSA appeal is unfortunately declined twice, you will be unable to appeal again but can reapply from scratch provided you still meet the eligibility criteria.

It is advisable to first determine the definitive reasons for the serial rejections before simply reapplying. Assess whether your situation has materially changed to now warrant consideration.

Before reapplying after rejection, double check that you have fully understood the initial declination reasons and taken remedial steps to address these issues.

Also prepare supplementary documentation and income evidence to avoid appearing as just a serial, baseless applicant. Demonstrate meaningful progress.

Remain Persistent Yet Patient

While administratively frustrating, try not to lose heart when your grant application or appeal is rejected by SASSA. Channel the disappointment positively into conztructive focus when preparing your appeal.

Given high volumes of applications in South Africa, it may truly just have been an oversight. Refine your motivation demonstrating clear qualification.

Coupled with regular status checks, carefully prepared appeals allow denied applicants an empowering recourse pathway to ultimately access much needed social assistance.

Through respectful persistence and meticulous preparation, many who had a SASSA grant rejected successfully dispute the unfavourable decision on reconsideration.

Checking your status provides awareness and assurance as you navigate the process.


Regularly checking your SASSA appeal status online through the SRD website, WhatsApp, call centre or nearest office is crucial when disputing a rejected social grant application.

Diligent status tracking enhances your ability to swiftly submit requested information, identify and rectify errors, comply with response deadlines and expedite reconsideration finalization.

While waiting can be frustrating, frequent status checks enable awareness, preparation and execution of next steps for the best outcome. Equip yourself optimally by remaining updated through regular online status checks.


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