Sapien Network Partners with Leading DAOs and Launches Collaborative Tokens, Built on Gnosis

The Sapien Network dApp brings together DAOs to pave the way forward for Decentralized Society with “Soulbound” tokens that simplify cross-DAO collaboration

San Francisco, California – The Sapien Network, a Web3 social network backed by Polygon Studios, announced their partnership with 20 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs. The partnerships group includes some of the most influential DAOs, like former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s Lobby3 DAO focused on blockchain policy as well as the 50,000-member Afropolitan DAO focused on building the first pan-African digital nation.

“The next stage of the internet is here. Crypto, NFTS, the metaverse – there is more there than tech jargon and hype. Blockchain technology can be extremely powerful in helping bring about environmental and social change,” said Missy Martin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sapien. “We’re partnering with some of the best and brightest nonprofits and businesses to create DAOs as well as partnering with existing DAOs to create an ecosystem that benefits both people and the planet.”  

Last month, Sapien launched the first dApp on their protocol called The Sapien Network. This app is a social network built to help users find and launch communities, called “Tribes,” around their interests. Tribes will then be able to “supercharge” their community by turning it into a DAO – an entity represented by rules encoded as a computer program that are transparent, controlled by the DAO members, and not influenced by centralized gatekeepers. 

The key to this ecosystem: Sapien’s first-of-its-kind NFT passport. The passport will leverage a novel “badging system” using “soulbound tokens,” which may represent status, access, or a verifiable credential. Sapien claims that these badges are simple building blocks for communities and allow DAOs in the Sapien ecosystem to organize, cross collaborate, and govern their own organizations. Sapien’s badging system comes at a critical time in the Web3 space, as Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, along with economist, Glen Wyl, and researcher, Puja Ohlhaver, recently published “Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul,” detailing the incredible use cases for soulbound tokens. 

“The Sapien Network enables people to unlock new social experiences, communities, and opportunities to earn by building reputation through contributions to trusted communitiessaid Rob Giometti, Sapien’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. 

To help kindle cross collaboration, Sapien holds weekly DAO roundtables. During these roundtables, DAOs talk about their work, discuss challenges, and find ways to support each other. The first roundtable consisted of 9 DAOs and over 1100 attendees. Since then, Sapien has held more intimate gatherings that fuel in-depth discussions. Most recently, Sapien held a roundtable to support Ukrainian refugees as well as another one on environmental community organizing and carbon credits. By migrating to the dApp, DAOs in the Sapien Network can use badges to connect with each other and elevate the quality of discussions among members.

About Sapien Network

Sapien Network is a social network built on the Sapien Protocol. A social, informational, and economic protocol designed to build, connect, and invest in networks of DAOs. Its mission is to enable people to reclaim their agency by building sovereign communities focused on collective action and cooperative ownership.

For more information, visit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Discord

Media contact:

Name: Missy Martin

Title: Chief Sustainability Officer 



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