Sangeeta Harish Rijhwani: Shaping the Future of IT Security and Risk Management

In the dynamic and rapidly changing landscape of Information Technology, specifically within the specialized sectors of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Sangeeta Harish Rijhwani stands out as a remarkably innovative leader. With a distinguished career that traverses through significant insurance and technology corporations, Ms.Sangeeta is not merely influencing current cybersecurity practices but is also setting the stage for the next generation of professionals in the industry.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Technology with a concentration on Information Security at the University of Cumberlands,Ms.Sangeeta’s journey through academia is as formidable as her professional endeavors. She holds a Master of Science in Data Analytics from New England College and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston. This solid academic foundation has been pivotal in honing her expertise in business process management, risk management, governance, and compliance.

Ms.Sangeeta’s remarkable professional journey commenced with a pivotal co-op at John Hancock, where she played a critical role in revolutionizing their reporting processes. This experience marked a significant turning point in her career, as she skillfully spearheaded the initiative to establish automated reporting mechanisms. Her efforts not only streamlined the reporting process but also led to significant cost reductions and marked efficiency improvements within the company. In a strategic decision during 2018, faced with the absence of effective reporting tools, Ms.Sangeeta advocated for the adoption of Microsoft Power BI over Tableau. This was not just a matter of choosing one software over another; it was a calculated move to optimize resource allocation and reduce overhead costs. Her recommendation was based on a thorough analysis of the licensing fees, usability, and functionality that Microsoft Power BI offered compared to its counterparts. The implementation of her proposal resulted in substantial cost savings for the company in terms of licensing fees. Moreover, the automation of the reporting processes she introduced significantly cut down the time staff spent compiling reports—by an impressive 8 hours each week. This efficiency gain translated into an annual savings of $10,000 for the company, showcasing her impact on optimizing business operations and enhancing productivity.

In her influential role as a Senior Security and Risk Analyst at American Family Insurance, Ms. Sangeeta has proven to be a pivotal figure. She has expertly guided the development and implementation of advanced business processes using the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool, Onspring. Her strategic foresight in employing this technology has significantly decreased operational costs by reducing the need for full-time personnel, courtesy of automating several intricate workflows.

Ms.Sangeeta’s responsibilities extend beyond process automation; she is also deeply involved in conducting thorough IT cybersecurity risk assessments aligned with the rigorous standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. Her comprehensive approach ensures that American Family Insurance stays ahead of potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

In addition to her technical and strategic contributions, Ms.Sangeeta is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement among her team. She actively mentors team members, enriching their understanding of vendor security control assessment methodologies and enhancing their skills in managing and mitigating risks effectively. Her leadership not only strengthens the company’s security posture but also empowers her colleagues to advance in their own professional paths.

Before assuming her current position, Ms.Sangeeta significantly enhanced the IT risk management framework at Homesite Insurance. In this earlier role, she collaborated closely with senior analysts to refine risk assessment methodologies, contributing her expert knowledge and analytical acumen to strengthen the company’s risk management practices. Rijhwani was instrumental in developing and implementing key technological security dashboards, employing sophisticated tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau. These dashboards provided critical insights and real-time data, enabling more informed decision-making and bolstering the organization’s capacity to swiftly respond to potential security threats.

Her ability to manipulate and interpret complex data sets through these tools markedly improved the organization’s understanding of its risk landscape. This enhancement was pivotal in allowing the company to monitor, evaluate, and mitigate risks more effectively. Ms.Sangeeta’s contributions during this period laid a robust foundation for ongoing improvements in Homesite Insurance’s IT security and risk management strategies. Her profound expertise not only in technical aspects but also in conceptualizing and applying data-driven solutions has led to significant advancements in IT security practices. Her work at Homesite Insurance is a testament to her ability to apply her skills effectively, enhancing security frameworks and contributing to the safety and efficiency of the organizations she serves.

Throughout her career, Ms.Sangeeta’s passion for leveraging technology to optimize business operations and manage risks efficiently has been evident. Her professional progression from a Web Developer at Robert Half Technologies to a senior analyst is not just a career trajectory but a testament to her relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence in IT security.

The journey of Ms.Sangeeta Harish Rijhwani is a beacon for many in the IT security and risk management industry. As she continues to contribute to this dynamic field, her story inspires a blend of academic rigor and practical innovation, underscoring the significant impact one individual can have on the technologies and methodologies that protect and streamline corporate America. Her extensive experience and forward-thinking approaches have enabled her to make substantial contributions to the field, enhancing the security protocols and compliance measures of the organizations she has worked with. Ms.Sangeeta has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex regulatory environments, ensuring that businesses not only meet but exceed the required standards for data protection and risk management. Her future endeavors are eagerly anticipated as she remains committed to driving excellence, innovation, and learning in the fast-paced world of IT security. 


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