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San Francisco Fintech startup wants to be the Vanguard for Gen-Zs


The future of investing is in dollars, not shares, according to Kareem Sabri and Nick Jiang. Together, they’ve founded Share Invest, a new fintech investment app that allows novice investors to build a diversified, recurring stock portfolio in just 30 seconds.

Based on a survey of 100 active investors, time constraints, inadequate funds, and limited knowledge were identified as the primary factors inhibiting more frequent investments for Gen Zs. Jiang refers to this obstacle as “the last mile of retail investing.” and proposes Share as the solution, offering a 30-second experience that allows users to establish recurring investments in diversified, themed baskets.

While existing products like Robinhood and Webull focus on trying to make it easier for consumers to trade, Share hides the trading completely and helps you focus on how much you want to invest (no shares, dollars), and what is of interest to you (themes or goals, not stocks).

Share’s personal ETF feature provides the comfort of control without the need to do all the research yourself, saving you valuable time. Share allows users to create, publish, and maintain Strategies, which are combinations of stocks and/or ETFs designed to achieve a certain goal, such as exposure to a sector, hedging against market volatility, or following the investments of a public figure. Essentially, Share provides a 90% automated, better ETF experience for consumer investors than Vanguard.

In a survey conducted among 100 active investors, it was found that 55% of them would rather avoid the task of researching and selecting individual stocks. One participant expressed feeling overwhelmed by the process of picking individual stocks and had a fear of potential financial losses due to making uninformed choices. 

Share’s dollar cost averaging feature removes the market timing stress. Studies show that investors should avoid trying to time the stock market. Instead, invest a fixed amount of money in something regularly, like every week or every month, no matter if the price is high or low. This approach, known as dollar cost averaging, can help you get a good average price over time. With Share, consumers set up weekly recurring investments in one or more Strategies, and Share automatically buys all the stocks in their chosen Strategies for them. 

Another survey participant said he prefers dollar cost averaging because “it doesn’t matter whether the market goes up or down, you’re locked in because you believe in something about this company or this themed basket.”

The Share app is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of Millennial and Gen Z users. It prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, ensuring that even those new to investing can navigate the app effortlessly. Users can set up recurring investments in diversified, themed baskets in a mere 30 seconds. Additionally, the app welcomes users to start with a minimum investment amount of just $5, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

One Share user recently recounted his experience before using the Share app. He mentioned that he had to contact Vanguard to arrange automatic contributions, which proved to be a cumbersome process. 

Recently, Share has become an SEC-registered investment advisor. This is a significant milestone, as it gives Share the legal responsibility to put investors’ interests ahead of its own. “We did this because it became clear that while consumers have a desire to invest and play a role in directing their capital, they want some help and going it alone is too much work,” says Sabri.

Share’s Strategies allow users to invest in a theme like AI or renewable energy. Users have the option to replicate the investment choices of renowned investors like Nancy Pelosi and Warren Buffett. Whether users prefer to explore pre-made investment baskets or create their own, they can use Share’s DCA calculator to test investment ideas.

Share’s mission is to help retail investors complete the final leg of their investment journey. Regardless of their financial resources, experience level, or time availability, investors can now establish a diversified portfolio in just 30 seconds. 


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