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San Diego Is Host to A KBA Certified Premium Butcher, The Meatery 

SAN DIEGO, California – Modern butcher shop known as The Meatery has officially announced that it has secured certification from the Kobe Beef Association. The unique eatery experience, which was born throughout the height of the coronavirus pandemic, opened its second location this past May after being blown away by the client base that its initial storefront had grown. The Meatery is known for providing the best Wagyu steak in San Diego as one of the few Kobe Beef Certified vendors in the USA.

The concept behind The Meatery is to provide top-quality meats, which are usually only available in luxurious restaurants, directly to the customer’s home. Nicholas Fiorentino, founder, and CEO of The Meatery, has expressed his deepest gratitude for this unexpected success.

“During the lockdown, I think a lot of people realized how so many of our comforts could be compromised,” explains Fiorentino. “One of those comforts, in my opinion, is an exceptional dining experience, and I just thought that missing out on such a thing was a disservice. People should always have those experiences accessible to them.”

The Meatery is known for having the best Wagyu in San Diego and with its recent Kobe Beef Certification, boasts itself as one of less than a handful of businesses in America holding the certification. Offering a wide variety of cuts of Japanese A5 Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, and American Wagyu, the brand has a loyal following locally in San Diego, though they see orders coming in from across the nation and Canada, through their website.  

The Meatery’s facilities are 100% sanitary, with no meats cut on the premises and all products vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. “We want to give people the product with no reason to worry about cross-contamination or any other issues, This is especially important when we’re offering such a high-end product,” Founder Nicholas Fiorentino explains.

The Meatery has found worldwide success as culinary exploration has never been a more popular concept. Using its previous two years to develop a greater understanding of both of its consumer base in San Diego as well as its customers both in and beyond the US & Canada. 

“We’re trying to get us back to the in-person experience in the aftermath of the lockdown,” Fiorentino explains. “As much as we learned through operating online, we’re really craving a deeper connection with our customers to develop a deeper and better understanding. That’s really important to us, because how else will we continue to grow?”

To learn more, visit or contact Nicholas Fiorentino at 


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