Samsung Z Flip5: Redefining Foldable Smartphone Technology

Samsung Z Flip5

Samsung has unveiled its latest folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip5, which represents a revolutionary leap forward in foldable technology and design. With its compact size, customizable display, and powerful performance, the Z Flip5 is redefining what’s possible with a folding smartphone.

Samsung Z Flip5 Features

Here are the main Samsung Z Flip5 features:

Flex Window Cover Screen: 

It has a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED external display called the Flex Window that allows quick access to widgets, notifications, and camera without opening the phone. You can customize it with clock styles, widgets, and wallpapers.

Foldable Design: 

The Z Flip5 has Samsung’s most compact folding design yet. It folds vertically like a clamshell and slides easily into pockets. The foldable body houses a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED inner display.

Flex Mode: 

You can prop up the phone at different angles using Flex Mode to take hands-free photos, video call, or watch content. It also enables advanced controls like Flex Mode Panel.


It has dual rear cameras including a wide and ultra-wide lens. The FlexCam feature lets you take selfies using the cover screen when folded.


The Z Flip5 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for fast and smooth performance.


It packs a 3700mAh battery that provides all-day battery life. The power efficient processor and optimizations provide improved battery life.


You can customize the Z Flip5 with different wallpapers, clock styles, widgets and modes. It offers a unique way to express your personality.

Compact Size: 

When folded, the Z Flip5 is lightweight and pocketable. The new Flex Hinge design makes it thinner and more durable than previous models.

Z Flip5 Design and Display

Design Elegance and Practicality: Unveiling the Samsung Z Flip5’s Unique Form Factor

The Z Flip5 features Samsung’s most compact folding design yet, easily sliding into pockets when folded down. The phone folds vertically like a clamshell, with a discreet Cover Screen on the outside for quick access to widgets and notifications. Choose from nature-inspired colors like Cream, Lavender, Graphite, and Mint. 

Despite its petite footprint, the Z Flip5 doesn’t compromise on screen size. Unfold it to reveal a stunning 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display with silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate for flawless scrolling and animation. The ingenious Flex Mode lets you prop up the phone at different angles to take hands-free photos, video call, or watch content.

Revolutionizing Display Technology: The Cutting-Edge Screen of the Samsung Z Flip5

One of the most exciting aspects of the Z Flip5 is its customizable Cover Screen experience. The external 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display now features an interactive Flex Window that lets you reply to messages, check notifications, and even frame up selfies without opening the phone. 

Use Multi Widget View to access widgets with a simple pinch gesture. Further personalize the Flip5 with customizable clock styles, wallpapers, and more. Check notifications, control music, and monitor your daily step count at just a glance.

Foldable Smartphone Technology

Speaking about the foldable smartphone technology, The Z Flip5’s compact folding design and interactive Cover Screen let you express yourself. Pose for hands-free selfies with FlexCam, access widgets without opening the phone, and customize the look and feel.

Z Flip5 Price and Availability at Samsung Levant

Double Storage for Free with Galaxy Z Flip5 Preorder

Preorder the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 foldable phone by August 16 from Samsung Levant and get 512GB storage for the price of 256GB. The 256GB model is priced at 31.21 JD/mo or 749 JD. Upgrade to 512GB for the same price. 

Limited Time Offer

This limited time offer also includes an 85 JD accessory eVoucher and 3x Samsung Rewards points with your preorder.

Preorder Now

With four nature-inspired colors, flexible form factor, and 512GB storage for the price of 256GB, the Galaxy Z Flip5 brings style and innovation together. Preorder now to unlock exclusive deals on Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone.


With its unique folding form factor, interactive Cover Screen, and top-tier specs, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 represents a bold step forward for foldable smartphones. By refining the design, display, and camera capabilities of its predecessor, the Z Flip5 delivers an unmatched level of style, customization, and performance in a compact yet versatile device. For those seeking the cutting edge of smartphone innovation, the future has arrived in the palm of your hand with the Galaxy Z Flip5. Samsung has once again pushed boundaries to redefine expectations of what a smartphone can be.

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