Samsung Prices in Pakistan Get Out of Reach for Common Man as Rates Surge by 20%

Samsung Prices

It’s a common belief that most of the world’s electronics are available at an affordable price to consumers. However, prices of Samsung products in Pakistan have been on the rise since last year. This is because the prices have been increasing with every update and shipment of new updates and devices due to skyrocketing dollar costs and Pakistan’s diminishing currency.


The Korean manufacturing giant uses price skimming strategy in regards to its mobile phones & has always been charging a premium on its new flagship and mid-range smartphones. But now, especially after the diminishing Rupee value, Samsung prices in Pakistan have become out of reach for most consumers. A recent study conducted by the Punjab university students found that the cost of a Samsung phone in the country has risen faster than the cost of an iPhone. This is leading many people to switch to cheaper Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi, Vivo or Infinix. 

In response to the claim, Samsung justifies the increase by comparing it to the global price surge across the other parts of the world. In some cases, it is now more expensive to buy a flagship Samsung phone in certain markets than it is to buy the latest iPhone 14. This can make it difficult for people who want a Samsung phone but cannot afford one to find one that is affordable. 

Some experts believe that Samsung’s price increases are due to concerns about competition from Chinese companies. These companies are often able to offer lower prices because they do not spend that much on research and development as the Korean phone maker does. Plus the Chinese have traditional advertising expenses and are also involved in practices of avoiding taxes on the profits, either partially or completely. As a result, they can sell their products at lower prices and still make a profit. 

This issue may become more important as time goes on. Chinese brands are becoming better known around the world and they are starting to challenge Samsung’s dominance in many areas, including Pakistan. If these brands continue to improve their product quality and develop new marketing strategies, they could start charging more for their products than Samsung does.

Galaxy a32 is the most sold Samsung phone in Pakistan

Though Launched in the second half of the 2021 and despite having a next-gen successor known as the Galaxy A33, the Galaxy A32 has been a popular choice of Pakistanis this year till the month of July as far as a mid-level Samsung handset is concerned.

The phone was launched initially at 42,000 Pak rupees but was soon discounted to 39,999 which was quite an amazing price for a Samsung mid-ranger. but now it’s been a completely different ball game.

Samsung new model 2022 price in Pakistan is getting out of reach for most people. Samsung a32 price in Pakistan has now reached to a new level of Rs. 50,999 which is almost 10,000 rupees more than when it was launched in the country. This high price tag makes it difficult for people to afford the Samsung a32, let alone other Samsung devices.

Samsung a32 price is unjustified of we compare it to the other models of the Chinese brands with a similar spec sheet. The brand has always been able to charge a premium on its devices because of the popularity of its brand. However, this high price tag makes it difficult for people to now afford the Samsung a32. Furthermore, the phone is old now and certainly can not compete with the modern influx of Chinese handsets filled modern features.

Additionally, there have been reports that Samsung is discontinuing some of its older models in Pakistan. This could make it even harder for people to find an affordable Samsung device. If the trend continues, it may be difficult for people to purchase any Samsung devices in future.

Samsung Prices in Pakistan are getting out of the reach

Samsung price list in Pakistan is getting updated on almost weekly basis and the rates are getting out of reach for a large majority of the population. According to a recent estimate, more than 80% of people in Pakistan cannot afford to buy a a device as expensive as Samsung phones. In comparison, only about 5% of people in the UK who cannot afford a mobile phone that costly.

In order to make its products more affordable, Samsung has been cutting costs on some of its products. For example, it has decreased the size of its batteries by 30%. It has also discontinued some models in order to make room for new models that are cheaper.

Despite these cost-cutting measures, many people still find it difficult to afford a Samsung phone. This is because Samsung’s phones are generally more expensive than other phones available on the market. For example, the Samsung’s Latest Galaxy A33 costs starts at 61,000 Pakistani rupees while Xiaomi’s Redmi note 11 costs around Rs. 39,999 with much better specs and features in almost each and every department.

Reasons behind why Samsung products are so expensive in Pakistan?

Samsung is one of the most popular and well-known electronics brands in the world. While their products are generally affordable in other countries, they can be quite expensive in Pakistan. There are a few reasons for this.

One reason is that Samsung manufactures its own products after spending huge sums in R&D, which means that they have to bear higher costs for conceptualizing and testing the products let alone for the raw materials and labor.  Also, though entry-level Samsung started assembling its devices in-house in Pakistan, the plants have either halted their operations or working on minimum capacity. All of this is due to the crumbling economic situation, due to the Rs to US dollar parity the banks are avoiding opening up new LCs for the import of Samsung mobile kits. On top of it importing assembled phone costs even way more due to the applicable government taxes.

Additionally, there is a high demand for Samsung products due to the popularity and known durability of Korean brands. Many people believe that Samsung electronics are of better quality than those from other brands, which leads to higher demand.


Samsung price list in Pakistan is quickly becoming out of reach for most consumers. With the local currency continuing to depreciate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for dealerships and distributors to purchase new inventory from Samsung. This has led to increased prices on devices, with some flagship foldable models reaching upwards of Rs 420,999 (almost $2,000). It’s important to remember that not all Samsung products are priced at this high a premium – there are plenty of lower-cost options available if you’re looking for something less expensive. So keep your eyes peeled for deals before you make a purchase – chances are good that you’ll be able to get a great device at an affordable price.

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