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Samit Max Patel discusses the significance of deciding success-matrix before launching a product

Businesses often have a hard time planning a product launch. The logistics, the events, finances, and a lot of other aspects determine a successful launch which has the potential to impact the business’s stance greatly. While you reach out to glorified agencies who are infamous for their promises, consider these points to distinguish a good agency from a bad one. 

Joopio product marketing agency believes that these strategies are best decided under the supervision of the professional since product launch is a fragile task that can be a transformative experience for the business. 

Samit Max Patel the founder and CEO of Joopio product marketing agency is a service-oriented company that works on ways to help businesses capitalize on their product launches. After graduating from university, he worked at various businesses only to realize that he didn’t belong there. 

It all hit home when he was forced out by his business partner from a successful venture. He decided to go solo and get involved in the world of start-up. He helped a company raise over $1.6M during their product launch. It was this super launch that helped catapult Joopio as one of the top marketing agencies in the world.

Alongside his main business, Samit is also an author, with 2 published books. He is a very enthusiastic businessman, who is striving to create a mark in the industry through his various ventures. He has got numerous opportunities to host shows and speak at international events. 

Joopio product marketing agency had a sudden yet successful start. Even though the company was built without any support, Samit was victorious in incorporating the basic skills in the business while experimenting with new elements. 

Samit is a great believer in teaching businesses to think about their launch before they do it, if a company was to start advertising, finding product fit and mapping out their growth strategies before launching they stand to be much more successful.

Moreover, Samit expresses his concerns regarding business overestimating a product’s potential. It is good to have expectations, but it is crucial to decide on a matrix based on which you can decide the success or failure of the product launch. 


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