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Samir H Bhatt- Avoid These Five Mistakes While Investing Your Hard-Earned Money

Samir H Bhatt

For those new to investing, some of these terms can be intimidating and confusing at first glance says Samir H Bhatt. And yet, when you take the time to learn them and put them into action, you find much more control over your future than you previously thought possible.


Investing is something that needs to be precisely done. There are high chances of losing it if you are not paying close attention. Take a look at five common mistakes that you need to avoid while making new investments.


Mistake 1: Not Knowing Your History

You wouldn’t want to invest in something that you don’t understand. For example, it may be important to know that your retirement account has issues, like a large credit balance that’s in the red. But what’s more valuable is knowing exactly how it has behaved in the past and seeing how it will react in the future given certain circumstances.


And if you don’t know anything about your retirement account (or any other investment account you have), you have nothing to work with. Finance experts like Samir H Bhatt suggest checking past financial transactions before investing.


Mistake 2: Not Knowing Your Investment Goals

Every investor wants to make money, but if your goal is just to amass as much money as possible and leave it in its current investment account, then you are missing out on serious gains that could be made.

For you to succeed, you need a specific end game in mind. Once you define your goals, don’t change them mid-stream because it will strain your focus and ability to keep track of everything.


Mistake 3: Not Having an Investment Plan

Once you know your investment goals, the next step is to devise a game plan for achieving them in a discipline manner. A good strategy will consider things like knowing when to make withdrawals and when to reinvest and how much money is necessary at each phase. Mistakes can be when there is no direction or a poorly planned direction.


Mistake 4: Not Paying Attention

It’s easy to get in the details when you want quick results. However, for you to take your investments seriously, you need to be fully aware of every event within your investment account and every option available on the table explains Samir H Bhatt. If you take things for granted, you won’t be at the same level as those who have a plan and follow it tightly.


Mistake 5: Not Prioritizing Your Financial Needs

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of investing. However, with every investment comes a lot of risks. And if you don’t know exactly how much of your money should go toward each kind of risk or investment, then a certain amount of your investments may tank while another will make serious gains. It may not seem fair, but at least you can be prepare for the worst-case scenario so that it doesn’t turn out to be the end-all and be-all of your investments.


But before investing in any option, consult a local advisor or financial adviser for help with that. It may be hard for the average person to understand how investing works, but learning how it does can be helpful.


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