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Samantha McGregor Talks On How She Was Able To Help People Achieve Their Long Term Goals

Samantha McGregor

We all envy the big brands. We look up to businesses that have stayed longer and have thrived, from Apple to Microsoft and other local companies that have survived through their vision amidst many economic downtimes. What these businesses did, and are still doing, is build a deep foundation, Samantha McGregor says.

The secret of many prominent businesses is that they took their time and spent their energies and resources to build deep foundations. They were deliberate about what they wanted, about the future they envisioned for their businesses, and took their time to dig deep.

“Building a sustainable business that withstands the times is rooted in building a deep foundation. It is the same way one builds a deep foundation when planning to erect a skyscraper. You can’t build a skyscraper with a shallow foundation. The depth of the foundation determines how well the building will stand—or not,” Samantha opined.

Samantha McGregor is a digital and email marketing strategist dedicated to seeing women of color and minority groups thrive and build a deep business foundation. Samantha has years of experience helping start-ups and SaaS companies increase sales and build effective customer relationship teams. As a consultant, Samantha has worked with some of the biggest brands in Canada and the United States.

According to Samantha, the root of every successful and long-lasting business is a deep foundation. No business can stand the test of time if the roots are shallow and not well-formed.

What does a deep and robust foundation look like?

Samantha McGregor says that a firm foundation is where the business owners have built structures and systems that will outlive them. When left on their own, these foundations help run the company effectively with no hindrance.

Take Apple, for example. The Apple system is such that even Steve Jobs passed on, the legacy and structures are still functional. The company is still thriving and making more sales, Samantha says.

Building these structures is difficult; they take time and dedication. But the ripple effect of these structures, after they’ve been created, is that the business can run on autopilot. Well, maybe not on total autopilot, but it transitions from one leadership to the next, from one phase to the next smooth and effective.

However, there are times during the ‘digging process,’ as Samantha calls it, when it’ll feel as though you’re wasting your time. But you have to keep at it.

When asked how long the building process will take, Samantha responded, “there is no definite timeline for the digging. Sometimes it takes a decade, sometimes less, sometimes more. Trust the process and keep digging.”

While building these foundations, business owners sometimes feel alone, abandoned. The profits may not be rolling because they’d want it to. But they have to keep building.

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