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Salman Khan Ka Show: Glance’s Exciting Partnership with Bigg Boss 17

Glance on Salman Ka show giving tips to Bigg Boss 17 contestants

Are you reveling in the excitement of the season? With the highly anticipated annual Salman Khan ka Show, Bigg Boss, in full swing, you must be glued to your screens, whether in solitary anticipation or with your family. But what happens once the episode ends? If your family isn’t up for discussing Bigg Boss 17, you’re not alone. However, for some lucky fans, the post-episode excitement continues on their Glance smart lock screens.

Indeed, the smart lock screen, adored by your favorite contestants, is now accessible to you. Unlike the stringent rules within the Bigg Boss 17 house, Glance offers you the freedom to dive into the world of Salman Khan Ka Show around the clock. No gimmicks, just authentic information straight from the heart of the show. All the ‘hows,’ ‘whys,’ ‘whens,’ and ‘wheres’ are addressed in the article below!

Salman Khan Ka Show: The Glance Takeover

It’s fair to say that Glance has taken over this season of Salman Khan ka show, and here’s why. The Glance smart lock screen has become ubiquitous, providing a constant presence in the “House of Strategy” alongside the contestants. It’s the very same Smart TV that Salman Khan himself uses to access the house. Additionally, we’re proud sponsors of the upcoming games set to unfold in Bigg Boss 17. The entire Bigg Boss 17 house is now infused with the enchantment of Glance, making it truly unique.

Salman Khan Ka Show and the Glance Connection:

What’s in the Mix? This season is set to be a blockbuster, and Glance, with its whopping 230 million users worldwide, is ready to make Bigg Boss a national sensation and leave an indelible global mark. The show boasts a fanbase that extends across the nation, with everyone craving a piece of the Salman Khan show for themselves. If you claim otherwise, you’re only deceiving yourself. We, at the Glance smart lock screen, are dedicated to providing you with all things Bigg Boss 17, anytime, anywhere. Catching up with Bigg Boss 17 is as simple as a quick glance at your smartphone’s lock screen.

Why is the Glance Smart Lock Screen a Perfect Match for Bigg Boss 17? 

Glance is India’s first AI technology-driven smart lock screen technology of its kind, and Bigg Boss is India’s pioneering reality show. Both have garnered millions of devoted followers, making them an ideal match. While Bigg Boss provides the intellectual aspect, Glance introduces the strategy, turning Bigg Boss 17 into a cerebral yet strategic game. This dynamic synergy is poised to shake up the online and reality TV industry, offering something fresh at every moment, just as we say at Glance.

Salman Khan Ka Show and Glance

A Winning Formula for Bigg Boss 17! What victory are we talking about? The victory of being the most popular reality show of the year! This season of Salman Khan Ka Show promises an abundance of drama, featuring couples, comedians, vloggers, actors, and more, creating an electric atmosphere. And there’s Glance, equipped with a revolutionary smartphone and a smart lock screen. However, it’s not just any lock screen; it’s a Glance smart lock screen that comes with exceptional benefits. By enabling Glance, you can uncover the advantages that contestants enjoy, leaving former contestants envious. Find all the details in the section below.

Salman Khan Ka Show (Bigg Boss 17)

Unraveling the Envy of Ex-Contestants To keep it clear, concise, and engaging, we’ve broken down why ex-contestants and even some current contestants are envious:

  • This season of Salman Khan Ka Show features a giant smartphone.
  • This smartphone is equipped with a Glance smart lock screen.
  • The smart lock screen is exclusively designed for use in the “House of Strategy.”
  • Consequently, not only ex-contestants but also some current contestants can’t help but be envious.
  • This smart lock screen equips contestants with winning strategies through tips, in-house news, and insider insights. While the Dimaag members gain a head start, other members play the game as they see fit. But what about the Bigg Boss audience? We have something special in store for you. Continue reading to discover more.

Don’t Miss Anything on Salman Khan Ka Show: Opt for Glance Smart Lock Screen

Are you in search of a quick, intriguing, and accurate update on Bigg Boss 17? The Glance smart lock screen has you covered. Yes, Glance values its users, and if you crave Bigg Boss, we’ve got you covered with all the juicy details. What’s more enjoyable than a service that caters to your needs? There’s more to Glance, including exciting contests that could be your ticket to meeting Salman Khan.

Live Shows about Salman Khan Ka Show

On Glance! Let’s not forget about the live shows. Here, your favorite streamers will provide real-time updates on Bigg Boss 17. These updates will be followed by discussions and predictions in some cases. If you’re curious, we’ve got quizzes and polls for you, allowing you to voice your opinions about your favorite contestant. So, don’t hesitate – enable Glance on your smartphone now!

Glance Smart Lock Screen with Salman Khan Ka Show

It’s Unique, It’s Fascinating! Glance stays true to its vision even in Bigg Boss 17. Our aim at Glance is to revolutionize, and we stand tall in our mission. Glance is all set to transform Salman Khan Ka Show this season. This time, Bigg Boss has changed its policy regarding smartphones in the house, allowing them strategically. While not everyone may have a smartphone now, it’s a beginning. In the future, this partnership will undoubtedly bring about better and more refined changes in Bigg Boss. For Glance users, Glance is “The Source” for all things Bigg Boss. Do you know how to enable Glance on your lock screen? It’s a simple process, involving:

  • Opening the settings menu on your smartphone (Samsung, Mi, Redmi, etc.).
  • In settings, scroll until you find either the “display” or “lock screen” option.
  • Look for the “Glance” option and click on it.
  • You’ll have an option to enable Glance, which may be in the form of a toggle, a checkmark, or a swipe.

Glance is seamlessly integrated into your phones – no downloads necessary. In short, “Open Settings—Display—Enable Glance.”

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