Salim Elhila on What Made Him Successful in E-commerce and Online Training

Salim Elhila is the co-founder of the company Learning Master. It helps people to become successful online coaches just like him. Along with his partner, Djibril Mara, he provides online training to those who want to train others or start a training agency of their own.

What made Salim get into online training?

The mathematical engineer and data scientist were well off working in the artificial intelligence industry. He had a handsome salary. But it wasn’t the kind of job that he wanted to do. He said, “It’s not always about how much money you are making from your job. Are you happy with the job in the first place? That’s far more important for me. You can have a luxurious lifestyle and everything, but deep down, you know that it isn’t the job that keeps you mentally satisfied. And that’s what suffocated me in the AI job that I did back then.”

Tired of the job, Salim decided to quit the AI field and enter into the world of digital marketing and e-commerce. He felt that this industry had a bigger opportunity for him. With AI, he felt restricted. With e-commerce, he felt liberated. But he went a step ahead and started helping people who wished to make money online by offering training services to their audiences. It could be anything, from crypto trading training to training about affiliate marketing; people need to have the confidence to speak in front of the camera. And Salim came up with various techniques to train these people. 

According to Salim, “The absence of human interaction is restricting us from helping others. My point is, if I am good at something, why not share my knowledge with others? And I have seen that young entrepreneurs love interacting. I feel that the more you talk about something, the more questions come to your mind. It may be a silly question for others, but it’s important for you to clarify. And that’s how I got into online training. I was aware that my e-commerce would remain stable because of my marketing strategies. But I wanted to do something for those who were struggling to get the ball rolling.”

Salim’s Facebook and YouTube community grew like wildfire. Everyone wanted to listen to him because of his simplistic approach to online training methods. He didn’t talk about various strategies or advice right from the beginning. To him, online coaching was a concept, and that’s what he tried to teach others.

Starting Learning Master

Sometimes it takes years for an entrepreneur to become successful in e-commerce. But Salim was one of the few who shot to fame instantly. His branding strategies clicked from the onset, making him a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. 

Soon, he shifted his attention to online training because he believed that his experience can help others start their training agencies of streaming channels where they can share their expertise. That led to the creation of Learning Master with his partner Djibril Mara. His training program consists of how to interact with the audience, approach a subject confidently, and handle queries of the audience.

Salim’s endeavor to give back to the community is already making changes in society. Entrepreneurs wait for their courses eagerly, hoping to learn something new every time. And this type of response comes from experience, knowledge, and willingness to share that experience with aspiring entrepreneurs.

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