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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: a Robust Platform for Wealth Management

Wealth Management

The current business community is strongly focused on managing relationships with innovative technologies. As financial institutions compete for timely and relevant communication, analytics, and access across all devices, they need a platform that brings these capabilities together. CRM system for financial services is designed to address the following specific problems in the financial sector:

  • Bringing disparate instruments and transparency of client portfolios to a centralized system.
  • Maximizing revenue and preventing customer churn.
  • Compliance with strict legal restrictions and industry regulations.

Financial Services Cloud is a Lightning-based toolbox of Salesforce intended to support the wealth management, commercial banking, retail, and insurance markets.

FSC merges CRM with comprehensive, compelling wealth management instruments to help bankers, consultants, and captive insurance agents form a holistic view of their customers and tailor their sales strategy to market demands. Salesforce FSC not only aggregates important information but also puts it in the right context. The tool allows consultants to make smart decisions, track clients’ investments, bank accounts, insurance policies, securities, liabilities, assets, financial assets, and goals.  An Industry-ready data model helps reduce implementation and maintenance costs by reducing customization and ensures faster time to market.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Benefits

Implementing FSC contributes to the achievement of company targets related to productivity, revenue growth, and improved margins, and its major advantages are:


Intelligent automation not only frees finance workers from manual and tedious tasks, minimizes the risk of human error but also allows them to focus on acquiring and retaining new visitors, at last, increasing profits.

Digital interaction

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud unites sales, service, and marketing tools to build a single customized customer view over all departments and channels. Clients can interact with their financial facilities providers through any mobile and stationary device. Among other things, the package includes Chatter. This allows faster and more efficient team communication.

AI-based technology

Einstein Analytics for FSC advanced AI-powered analytics and predictive alerts help you automatically discover relevant user information, predict expected results, recommend the following steps, and automate consultant tasks. This product is not included by default but perfectly embeds in the Financial Services Cloud.


Because commercial businesses have stringent standards of security, Financial Services Cloud operates with Salesforce Shield to suggest a set of safety and compliance features, and even offer an extra level of security that includes specialized tools that track data access and use, and prevent hacker attacks.

Capabilities Salesforce SFS for businesses

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud proffers a solid foundation for streamlining business processes in the following areas:

Management of capital

  • Capital management is a top priority for both organizations and individual users, and the Financial Cloud Salesforce helps control each node effectively. FSC improves productivity by providing instant access to customer data and mission-critical tasks.
  • Tracks customer profiles with their life events and personal goals, maintains relationships and tells when a customer needs help.
  • Provides access to the customer profiles, including financial accounts, account details, and more, using Community Cloud.


  • Financial Cloud Salesforce allows insurance representatives and agents to have private conversations on any device or through social channels and requests for services.
  • Provides the ability to examine service requests in detail and prioritize requests so that relevant questions can be answered promptly.
  • Helps you feel with customers through reminders of important life events.
  • Provides the ability to set up video chats and real-time interaction from any device so that field agents can quickly receive all the information they need.


  • Offers access to suitable information and documents upon loan request and links the necessary mortgage information with clients.
  • Consults clients, suggesting the most preferred steps to reach financial sustainability.
  • Allows you to work with leading clients at any level and meet their financial needs, in particular lending, through financial CRM updates.
  • Helps bankers access customer profiles across all products and identify new opportunities to attract leads and build a solid customer base using AI.
  • Automatic display of the list of clients bringing 80% of the profit.

As you can see, FSC is a powerful package that can save financial institutions time and money. The solution is scalable and will meet your business needs for years to come. Among other things, it is possible to use free and paid partner solutions on the AppExchange.

Before a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud launch, you must check how personalized your existing Salesforce context is. You need to make sure your team is comfortable with Lightning since Financial Services Cloud was one of the first apps built for it.


The financial services industry is targeting real-time cooperation, more personalization, and reduced paperwork. The SFDS Financial Services Cloud is at the top of this movement, and Ergonized is ready to help you make the most of it. As a Salesforce Certified Partner with profound experience in financial services and a team with deep knowledge of all lines of business, we are ready to match your needs with the capacity of the Financial Cloud Salesforce.

Want to get the foundation for true financial transformation and be more productive? Ergonized’s experienced team will define the tasks and plans to accomplish strategies adapted to the needs of financial organizations such as health insurance, banking, and wealth management.

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