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Sales Speech: Discover All The Key Stages Of A Successful Text

Sales pitches are the omnipresent elements in the life of an entrepreneur. It is an essential step in the conclusion of a transaction both on the Net and in physics. Any experienced commercial agent knows that without him, point of purchase. This shows its importance! Real advertising, whether it is intended for the sale of a physical product or a service, it is intended to seduce a target. Guiding your client in his act of acquisition is not within everyone’s reach, it is an exercise that requires know-how. But what are the essential steps in preparing a relevant marketing pitch? How to write your own sales pitch? Discover all the fundamental phases of a presentation without a false note.

Definition of a sales speech

A sales speech is a collection of arguments for the customers of a commercial company. Its mission is to highlight the advantages and characteristics of the products or service offers offered by the company. His message sets the tone for the business relationship.

It exists in several forms: written through website pages, emailing, and other advertising media, or orally during an interview between the salesperson and the consumer.

The objective is to make a potential clientele become buyers, so its content must be up to par. And for this, several steps are necessary before its presentation.

The discovery of his client

First, you need to define your target audience.

To have an adapted sales pitch, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions and discover who you should address. Take the time to define your persona, in other words, your ideal buyer, the one who will guide you in your offer proposal.

To do this, answer the following questions:

  • What type of person is concerned?
  • What is his problem or need?
  • How can my offer help?
  • What is the most suitable communication medium?

Once the complete profile of your dream clientele is realized, you know who your services will turn to. Stepping into the shoes of your persona will guide you in personalized communication.

Knowledge of its offer

Knowing how to define your type of consumer is the basis, knowing your offer perfectly is a must! You can’t conquer your prospect without having a perfect Social Media Verification Service mastery of your product and its entire scope.

If you sell a physical product

Be prepared to respond to both its usefulness and its technical aspect. Here is a panel of questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the possibilities of use?
  • What benefits will the consumer be able to derive from it?
  • What is my warranty offer?

If you sell a service

Develop your argument based on the added value that your work will bring:

  • How will I make my client’s life easier?
  • What is my expertise on the subject?
  • What is my service made of?

As a sales promoter, you are at the service of your future customer. Sell your business proposition by demonstrating the breadth of your capabilities!

Preparing your sales pitch

It is now time to put the first lines of your remarks. Use the items collected in the previous steps and start the first draft.

To help you, here’s a writing guide that works across all sales pitches:

  • definition of the problem;
  • the solution to be implemented;
  • The benefit of your proposal;
  • evidence and testimonies;
  • Engaging question/call to action.

Use this list as a starting point. She will accompany you in your presentation and will be the common thread of your speech. You can portray the arguments in a factual way or in the form of a story in accordance with your company’s editorial identity.

The drafting of its commercial proposal

Write your presentation on a draft. Take into account that a good speech is required to respect the following rules:

Keep sentences short and easily understandable. Do not get lost in endless arguments at the risk of tiring your potential customer or losing your footing in your demonstration. For a prospecting email, count a set of 300 words. Be sure to take care of your writing style and especially go hunting for spelling mistakes!

Help your customer project themselves after their purchase. Communicate around the benefits of your offer and how it will benefit him in his daily life. You can use copywriting or storytelling techniques to bring your product to life.

Be sure, to be honest: you’re not selling the moon so don’t promise it. A quality business relationship is one of trust. Talk about yourself, your company, your values, and your successes. If you have testimonials from satisfied customers, put them forward! The opinions of your consumers will be a guarantee of quality and will reassure your interlocutor.

Tip: If your pitch is too long, summarize in a few words the scope of your offer. Give yourself the opportunity to detail the different points in a sales page of your “question and answer” type website in order to provide a more complete vision.

Preparation before action

Before you jump into the arena, it’s important not to neglect the testing phase. Working on your sales speech upstream will make you gain confidence. You will give yourself every chance to succeed in your argument.

Read it aloud to check its fluency and consistency. Training to present it orally is an excellent exercise. Do not hesitate to time yourself, this will give you an idea of the right length to hold.

Once your communication medium is ready, go ahead and test it. Organize a fictitious scenario with your professional entourage or even with your loved ones: after all, they too are consumers! Play the game of questions and answers to collect impressions and areas for improvement.

Do not hesitate to change your sales pitch if it does not meet your business objectives. Tell yourself that nothing is set in stone. Take into account your customers’ feedback and adapt your business formulations accordingly.

You now have all the keys in hand to communicate with your future customers with confidence and thus accompany them in their daily lives. What if your next step was to offer your company a digital marketing plan worthy of the greatest?

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