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Sales Of Plastic Extrusion Machines Are Expected To Have A CAGR Of 4.70% During 2022-2032

The global plastic extrusion machine market is projected to reach US$ 6,793.9 million in 2022. Based on the report, sales of plastic extrusion machines are expected to have a CAGR of 4.70% and to reach an evaluation of US$ 10,754.4 million by 2032.

The demand for plastic extrusion machines is soaring, as there is a growing need for extruded plastic products from several end use segments, such as packaging, consumer goods, construction, and automotive. This primarily boosts the growth of the global plastic extrusion machine market.

The demand for the plastic extrusion machine market is said to be consistently high, as these machines help to speed up workflow and volume while also maintaining product stability.

Plastic extrusion machines have recently gained popularity in a variety of industries due to their speed, mass production capacity, user-friendly procedure, increased flexibility, and superior production quality. Globally, there is a growing awareness of the importance of energy conservation, which drives the plastic extrusion machine market.

As a result, manufacturers of plastic extrusion machines are increasingly focusing on producing reliable and effective twin-screw plastic extrusion machines. This is expected to boost the plastic extrusion machine market share during the forecast period.

The packaging industry is ever hungry for plastics to meet their demands, and this is a major element which is bolstering the growth of the global plastic extrusion machine market. In the production process, the processing machines produce varied types of plastics.

Owing to the pollutant-free and toxin resistant factors, plastic processing is gaining popularity in the packaging industries, which as a result is promoting the growth of the global plastic processing machines market share.

In the automotive industry, manufacturers have an exceptional opportunity to launch innovative plastic products, which are specially manufactured to meet the demands of the consumer for fuel-efficient and superior performance light vehicles.

Key Players: 

  • Apex Engineers
  • Reifenhauser India
  • Shyam Plastic Machinery
  • Bausano & Figli S.p.A.
  • KraussMaffeiBerstorff
  • Extrusion Technik USA, Inc
  • TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG
  • KabraExtrusionTechnik Ltd.
  • WellShyang Machinery (WSM)
  • W. Brabender Instruments Inc.
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