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Sales of Kids Bicycles to Rake in Approximately US$ 21,000 Mn Revenues By 2031 End

Kids Bicycles

Fact has released a new report. The global kids bicycle market is expected to grow at a moderate rate from 2017 to 2022, according to MR. By the end of 2022, revenues from sales of children’s bicycles will be approximately US$ 18,000 million. The chore of navigating the children’s bicycle market has always been difficult.

Parents all over the world strive to provide their children with a positive introduction to the world of riding, particularly when purchasing their first bicycle. Parents are concerned about selecting bikes for their children who have troubles when racing bicycles, and they seek safety and comfort, as well as a bike that is competitive and cost-effective. Cycling has a multitude of health benefits, which is another factor encouraging people to take up cycling.

Kids Bicycle Market: 6 Key Future Prospects

  • Based on pricing, mid-range children’s bicycles are predicted to continue popular, accounting for more than half of the industry in terms of revenue. Through 2022, sales of mid-range children’s bicycles will grow at the quickest rate, followed by premium children’s bicycles.
  • Throughout the projection period, sales of kids’ bicycles in the age group 9-12 years are predicted to grow at a rapid pace, accounting for around one-third of the market revenue. The worldwide kids bicycle market is expected to be dominated by this age group.
  • Through 2022, sales of children’s bicycles in the direct to customer brand channel will grow at the fastest rate. Independent out will continue to be the most important distribution channel in the global kids bicycle market, with sales expected to total around US$ 5,000 million by the end of 2022.
  • Consumers will continue to seek out 20-24 inch kids’ bicycles, regardless of product type. Bicycles for children between the ages of 18 and 20 will continue to be the most profitable product on the market. During the forecast period, revenues from the aforementioned product segments are expected to account for more than half of total market share.
  • In the worldwide kids bicycle market, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is predicted to maintain its lead, followed by Europe and North America.
  • Tube Investments of India Limited, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Tianjin Fuji-Ta Bicycle Co. Ltd., Tandem Group plc, Samchuly Bicycle Co., Ltd., Merida Industry Co. Ltd., Hero Cycles Ltd., Haro Bicycle Corporation, Firefox Bikes Private Limited, Dorel Industries Inc., Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Limited, and Accell Group N.V. are among the companies mentioned in the MR report.

20 Inch – 24 Inch Kids’ Bicycles to Remain Sought-after in the Market

20 inch – 24 inch children’s bicycles are predicted to be the most popular, followed by 18 inch – 20 inch children’s bicycles. Over the projection period, revenues from these two product segments will account for more than half of the market.

The most profitable distribution channel for kids’ bicycles will continue to be independent stores, with sales expected to reach about US$ 5,000 million by the end of 2022. Through 2022, sales of kids’ bicycles through direct to customer brand outlets are expected to grow at the fastest rate.

Over the projected period, sales of children’s bicycles for ages 9 to 12 will grow at a rapid pace, accounting for over a third of the market.

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