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Sales of Industrial PC Market Is Anticipated To Be Worth Nearly US$ 12.3 Bn By 2032

Industrial PC

The global industrial PC market is anticipated to grow at a consistent CAGR of 7.4%, from US$5.4 Bn in 2021 to US$12.3 Bn in 2032.

An industrial PC is a computing system designed to endure challenging environmental factors such as temperature swings, humidity, wetness, and abrasive dust. These computers cost more, but they are also more dependable, effective, and power-efficient, and they last longer. Due to their ability to operate between —40°C and +80°C, industrial PCs are in high demand due to their reliable and effective performance under challenging conditions.

Due to their low energy consumption from running on nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, or other renewable energy sources like solar or wind energy, industrial PC sales are on the rise. Industrial PC sales are expected to increase globally due to factors like the emergence of IoT in sectors like manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, food, and beverage.

Because they are specifically designed for data collection and process control applications in harsh industrial settings, sales of industrial PCs are on the rise. These PCs aid in the real-time linking of data, personnel, and equipment to manage industrial operations.

Systems in industrial facilities are also integrated, which lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO), boosts productivity, and increases uptime. Thus, as the market for industrial PCs expands, it is anticipated that industrial PC sales will rise.

Due to various display options, Panel Industrial PCs have a compact design that enables a space-saving industrial controller in the control cabinet. The industrial PC market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 8.2%. These supercomputers are designed to handle the complexity of production control tasks. Panel Industrial PCs are used by the military, traffic and transportation, industrial, and medical sectors.

The increasing demand for connected factory and enterprise networks, process control engineers’ growing belief and demand for industrial PC-based technology for controlling tasks in manufacturing plants, and the increasing need for effective information flow between production facilities are all factors contributing to the growth of industrial PC sales.

Competitive Perspective

Due to the presence of worldwide, regional, and local vendors, the industrial PC industry is fragmented. Based on product upgrades, technical advancements, and an increase in M&A activity, the highly competitive industry is predicted to expand further. Additionally, it will be difficult for new market entrants to compete with established competitors based on services, features, and functions. To enhance their market share and profitability, players are also making use of strategic joint ventures.

Recent Market Changes for Industrial PCs:tablet

  • July 2021 – The xTablet T1190 has been added to the robust xTablet portfolio by MobileDemand, a producer of rugged tablets and mobile all-in-one computing solutions for business efficiency. The versatile tablet may be customized with optional add-ons like multi-payment systems and a barcode scanner to adapt to the rapidly evolving retail environment of today.

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