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Sailing Yachts Hallberg-Rassy

Sailing yachts Hallberg-Rassy are the queens of the sea. Hallberg-Rassy is a popular Swedish shipyard, which since its inception has relied on the creation of sailing yachts and made the right choice. Luxurious and comfortable luxury sailing vessels in the range of 24-64 feet for long sea voyages have become a symbol of the success of this brand, which has not lost its popularity for more than 70 years.

The Hallberg-Rassy shipyard has long been known for the tradition, quality and reliability of its boats. The Swedes are never in a hurry, they do everything in detail and for centuries, which is always justified in the yachting business. The secondary market confirms this: Hallberg-Rassy boats almost do not lose value over the years, largely due to the infrequent renewal of the model range (some models were produced for 10–15 years).

The company does not pursue fashion trends, but only applies what is in harmony with its generally conservative concept. Nevertheless, the modernization of the Hallberg-Rassy line is underway. The new yachts have gained a wider stern, a spacious cockpit, two rudder blades, “push-button” sail control, a folding platform and more spacious interiors, some models have received a second helm.

Hallberg-Rassy is one of the oldest shipyards in Europe and the first shipyard in Sweden to switch to building fiberglass hull yachts. Its history began back in 1943, when Harry Hallberg created a small shipyard in the Swedish town of Kungsviken, turning his youthful passion for sailing ships into a profitable business.

Initially, only wooden sailboats were created at the Hallberg shipyard, and without any drawings. Hallberg was sure that a real craftsman did not need any help at hand to create a quality boat. In parallel with the development of the Hallberg shipyard in Sweden in southern Germany, another man in love with sailing – Christoph Rassi founded a similar shipyard – Rassy, which creates small boats.

But the German market turned out to be cramped for him, so he moved to Sweden, where he became Hallberg’s main competitor. The rivalry between the two popular shipyards lasted from 1965 to 1972, and eventually ended in a merger that marked the appearance of the name Hallberg-Rassy and the beginning of a new stage of development. In 1974, the first yacht under the name of the unified brand was launched, and already a decade later, in each model, a clear line of the shipyard can be traced, based on the observance of three principles: maximum reliability of the created vessels, their high comfort and long-term safe operation.

The creators of Hallberg-Rassy sailing yachts also try to take into account the most common wishes of customers, while focusing on ideal technical indicators. The shipyard’s excellent reputation in the sailing yacht market has given Hallberg-Rassy the opportunity to work closely with one of the world’s leading nautical designers, Herman Frers, a renowned dynasty of shipbuilders who has won worldwide recognition for creating stunning models that have won prizes in many prestigious regattas.

Such cooperation only confirms the fact that only real masterpieces of sailing shipbuilding are created under the Hallberg-Rassy brand. Comfortable, easy to handle and highly manoeuvrable, the Hallberg-Rassy sailboats, which are designed with the utmost attention to technical equipment, are a beautiful embodiment of the dream of sailing.

In each model, an innovative approach is closely intertwined with the careful calculations of designers who want to create the most comfortable yacht in every sense, which will have a long period of maintenance-free operation. The yachts of the Hallberg-Rassy shipyard, whose whole atmosphere makes you feel on board with no less comfort than on land, have long gained a reputation for quality sailboats, ideal for sea cruising.

Hallberg-Rassy sailing yachts are the Harley-Davidson of the yachting world, luxurious and reliable vessels. On which you can easily get around the whole world. Over the years of its existence, this shipyard has produced about 9.5 thousand sailing boats. And it is still very popular, both in numerous countries of Europe and in Asia, and even in the United States.

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