Sagebrush Health Services Empowers Low-Income Patients with High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare

While the United States has built an impressive healthcare system, much of it is closed to Americans. The reasons for this decades-long inequity are familiar. Skyrocketing costs. No insurance. Inaccessible clinics and hospitals. What is encouraging is that medical professionals are driving solutions. One of the biggest innovators is Sagebrush Health Services. Since launching, it has rapidly expanded across Nevada, Connecticut, and South Carolina, bringing lower prescription drug prices, free STI services, and high-quality medical treatments to its patients. The ability of Sagebrush to solve key issues stems from the passion of its team members, who are committed to keeping the doors to healthcare open for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

The road to Sagebrush impacting the lives of thousands of underserved patients began in Nevada. Co-founders CEO Guru Charan and President Rajesh Sonani, MD were concerned by the state’s healthcare system, which, while staffed with dedicated professionals, struggled to serve all of the population. Many resources were located in urban areas or higher-income neighborhoods. With 14% of the population living below the poverty line, a high number of the sick and elderly were not getting the treatments they needed. In creating Sagebrush, Charan and Sonani envisioned a team of medical professionals who would overcome this inequity in the healthcare system through four values: empathy, affordability, accessibility, and professionalism.

The clinics are strategically positioned to support overlooked communities in Nevada. Services include rheumatology, infectious diseases, wound care, PrEP & PEP, and infusions, all backed by a commitment to lowering the cost of prescription drugs. To empower more residents who might otherwise avoid seeing a physician, Sagebrush works closely with local leaders to increase awareness of its crucial healthcare programs.

Sagebrush is especially devoted to increasing treatment of STIs. Nevada has seen the fourth highest increase in STDs in America, with Blacks and non-Hispanic populations having higher rates of reported cases of HIV than other races/ethnicity groups between 2013-2017. Sagebrush is making significant strides to lowering these statistics through its comprehensive sexual health programs, which include increased testing, education, and free STI services.

The impact of Sagebrush’s sexual wellness programs has been recognized at the national level. In 2023, the center acquired the prestigious Ryan White HIV/AIDS grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The significant value of this federal grant will fuel the expansion of Sagebrush into more rural communities. Throughout 2023 and 2024, the clinics will unveil seminars, workshops, awareness campaigns, STI testing, and treatments, with the goal of improving the sexual wellness and health of more minorities, the elderly, and low-income individuals.

Can America’s healthcare system be transformed into one that welcomes every patient, no matter their income level? Sagebrush firmly believes the answer is yes. The key, as Charan and Sonani say, is to understand where communities are struggling, listen to what they need the most, and then give them solutions. By combining this targeted, systematic approach with idealism, America’s widening gap in access to healthcare services can be erased. 

About Sagebrush Health

Sagebrush Health is committed to providing accessible and comprehensive sexual health services nationwide, emphasizing health equity. We are dedicated to eliminating healthcare disparities by promoting social justice in healthcare and ensuring equal access. We prioritize community-engaged health improvement and adapt to meet the needs of our patients and communities. We strive to stay abreast of advancements in HIV, AIDS, STIs, and viral hepatitis so that we can eliminate new infections. Our services, including free STD testing, PrEP, PEP, and copay coverage for medications, are aimed at individuals facing financial barriers. 

For more information about how we are achieving nationwide accessibility and equity in specialty healthcare services, please visit our website.

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