SAFUU Token Price Prediction: Surging towards the local resistance, Luna and Cardano also seeking similar recovery

Terra has successfully distributed the new LUNA tokens to market participants who held LUNA Classic (LUNAC) and TerraUSD (UST). Data from cryptocurrency exchange Bybt shows that LUNA opened at $0.5 and, within a few minutes, surged to a high of $30 before plummeting by more than 88% to $3.5. Similarly SAFUU Token is down by 80% from it’s all time high but it still has hope of getting a massive recovery because the market is still looking for high APY defi protocols. Whereas the cardano community is also seeking some recovery in the price of the cardano after this bear market.

Local Resistance is the next target, looking for a breakout

Looking at the charts above, the MACD is giving a bullish signal at the moment which brings a surge in the price of SAFUU coin. Also R1 is the new local resistance for SAFUU token to break, and if it does then with the market bullish sentiments it will again begin to climb up to the R2. However there are many possibilities to stay in the R1-R2 zone for a while as the market is not that bullish as of now.

The Fibonnaci retracement price prediction model say along with Fishers indicator, the price line in the above chart could be the next best prediction. The coin is still trading under the RED zone of the fibonacci retracement tool, but with the signs of market recovery it may follow the same line as shown above.

According to the Fishers technical indicator, the low of SAFUU token is -7.5 and the high is somewhere around 6.5, which means that the coin may experience a swing for a while in the positive direction.

SAFUU AI & Machine Learning Price Prediction Modelling

SAFUU Price Prediction for June 2022

SAFUU is predicted to start in June 2022 at $27.344 and finish the month at $49.563. During June, the maximum forecasted SAFUU price is $60.430 and the minimum price is $20.693.

SAFUU Price Prediction for July 2022

SAFUU is predicted to start in July 2022 at $49.563 and finish the month at $68.898. During July, the maximum forecasted SAFUU price is $89.954 and the minimum price is $30.129.

What is SAFUU?


$SAFUU is the native token which interest rebase rewards are paid. Every token holder automatically receives 0.02355% interest every 15 minutes just for holding $SAFUU tokens in their own wallet!

The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol

  • Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 383,025.80%
  • Low Risk with Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • Interest Paid Every 15 Minutes: 96 Times Daily!
  • Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!


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