SAFUU Defi Price Forecast: SAFUU remains sideways in the battle of bulls and bears

  • Bitcoin price is at risk of falling below $20,000 as cryptocurrencies are in the crosshairs. 
  • Ethereum price sees bulls in the trenches as bears bring out the big guns.
  • XRP price is set to erase all gains from the past two years and trade below $0.20.

LUNA price is one of the largest crashes in Crypto history. Unpredictable price action is likely to continue. Traders should consider LUNA as a no-trade asset until further notice.

Is there any safe crypto asset to trade or hold, as the fall of UST shows that even stable coins are not stable enough to hold. We found a gem called SAFUU with an APY of more than 300,000%+. Its unique highest paying auto-staking & auto-compounding protocol which gives opportunity to hold and need not to worry about the ups and downs of the market like right now.

Let’s take a look at the technical analysis of the SAFUU: Technical Analysis of SAFUU for Price Prediction

As you can see in the charts above, SAFUU token shows a perfect example of fibonacci retracement and has successfully made a 50% (or 0.5) recovery. This is a good signal as there is no selling pressure (sell volume), indicating that the users are ready to hold and buy more in such conditions.

As you can see in the 4EMA setup, EMA 10 is just crossing above EMA 100 which is a bullish sign. EMA 20 have also crossed EMA 50 which is again a sign of bullishnish and stability. Conclusion is that, SAFUU got effected by the current market conditions but still shows a strong statement that SAFUU is here to stay.

MACD look bullish at the moment, whereas RSI looks near the overbought zone. This might indicates that the it is the end of bearish cycle for SAFUU token, and now it will move side ways for a while to achieve more stability.

SAFUU 3 months Price Prediction:

SAFUU Price Prediction for May 2022

SAFUU started in May 2022 at $148.405 and is predicted to finish the month at $72.909. During May, the maximum forecasted SAFUU price is $115.230 and the minimum price is $51.156.

SAFUU Price Prediction for June 2022

SAFUU is predicted to start in June 2022 at $72.560 and finish the month at $161.501. During June, the maximum forecasted SAFUU price is $194.699 and the minimum price is $54.676.

SAFUU Price Prediction for July 2022

SAFUU is predicted to start in July 2022 at $95.501 and finish the month at $158.557. During July, the maximum forecasted SAFUU price is $200.626 and the minimum price is $94.425.

What is SAFUU?


$SAFUU is the native token which interest rebase rewards are paid. Every token holder automatically receives 0.02355% interest every 15 minutes just for holding $SAFUU tokens in their own wallet!

The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol

  • Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 383,025.80%
  • Low Risk with Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • Interest Paid Every 15 Minutes: 96 Times Daily!
  • Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!

Safuu Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE)

Every 48 hours our Safuu Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) will inject automatic liquidity into the market. On each buy or sell order there is a 4% tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol’s smart contract is the mechanism which smartly takes the 50% of the amount of SAFUU stored in the wallet, and will automatically buy BNB at the current market price.

The remaining 50% of SAFUU in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the SAFUU side of liquidity, therefore giving equal an 50/50 weighting of SAFUU/BNB which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair and raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.

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