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SafetyPay launches QR Codes for real time payments in Brazil

payments in Brazil

Miami, FL – May 18, 2021 – SafetyPay, the leading digital alternative payments platform providing solutions across Latin America and Europe, today announces the implementation of PIX as a payment method in the Brazilian Market to bring instant payments to life using QR codes. SafetyPay will facilitate the transfer and payments from any mobile phone in real time, 24/7, including holidays and weekends. This payment method will facilitate payments in Brazil occurring in real-time with simple and fast transactions.

SafetyPay’s solution will allow non-credit card holders and fraud-wary consumers to use PIX, a QR code containing all the customers’ banking information without sharing additional information online and pay for goods are services around Brazil. The inclusion of PIX expands the opportunity to complete instant payments at any date or time to pay for goods and services to over 200 million people.

PIX is a platform that allows customers to make payments to all banks in Brazil through QR codes, a great technological advantage that allows simplistic and instant payments. QR codes are machine-readable optical labels that contain information about the attached item. In practice, QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application. In the case of PIX, the QR code offered will be the dynamic which contains more information and the Static QR code with less information.

With more than 134 million user accounts, PIX is ​​the most relevant payment solution in Brazil today. This new product was launched last November, and today over 700 institutions are participating. With this new payment solution, SafetyPay is adding one of the best digital solution for its customers in a market of more than 200 million people.

“SafetyPay is committed to bringing instant real-time payments to customers wishing to use QR codes in their phones to pay any time, 24 hours, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays for any product or service within Brazil or to Brazil. This payment solution is aligned with our strategy of financial inclusion and facilitating cross border payment options for all customers,” said Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO, SafetyPay. “Offering a secure, risk-free, instant payment solution is key to tap a larger number of customers that either do not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use. Our payments solutions which leverage the latest technology to protect our customers and offer them the best experience online will contribute to a better and quicker online sales experience. PIX has grown exponentially in only a few months in operation, processing over 320 million transactions only in March.”

The inclusion of PIX as a payment method in SafetyPay was a huge effort recently launched in Brazil for online merchants’ sales.  SafetyPay currently partners with 380 banks and payment partners in 17 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Europe and North America.

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About SafetyPay

Founded in 2007, SafetyPay is a secure alternative payments platform that enables e-commerce transactions for consumers and merchants. With a comprehensive suite of B2C and B2B payment solutions available, the company eliminates common pain points associated with traditional payment methods. SafetyPay makes it possible for non-card holders and fraud-wary consumers to participate in the online marketplace – shoppers are connected to merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank accounts or with cash in local currency, without fear of online fraud as their bank information is not shared online. For merchants, SafetyPay enables incremental sales by processing payments of underbanked and international consumers, and reduces the number of chargebacks and cross-border fees. The platform currently partners with 380 banks and payment partners in 17 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Europe and North America.

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