SafetyCam Reviews (Scam or Legit!) Does Personal Safety Body Camera Work?

The SafetyCam is a clip-on body camera that can record audio in addition to high-definition video.

The camera can only be purchased through the internet retailer, where it can be purchased for approximately $70 per device. The camera is equipped with a number of capabilities, including automated motion detection, recording in 1080p, infrared night footage, and more.

Is SafetyCam the option that best meets your needs? How does SafetyCam work? Read this review to learn everything you need to know about SafetyCam and how it operates, including everything you need to know now.

What precisely is the SafetyCam?

The SafetyCam is a personal safety body camera that records in high definition and costs $70.

The capture function of the camera can be activated with a single button press. To begin recording, all you need to do is push the button. You have the ability to use SafetyCam to record movies, take images, and even take audio recordings.

Only one website,, now sells the product; there, it may be purchased for $70 in addition to the cost of delivery. However, if you order numerous cameras at the same time, you can receive a volume discount.

The SafetyCam is designed to be worn on your person, just like other body cameras, in a manner that is analogous to how police officers wear body cameras. In point of fact, the website for SafetyCam includes a testimonial from a law enforcement officer who claims to use SafetyCam each and every day while on the job.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the operation of SafetyCam, as well as consider whether or not it’s the best option for you.

How does the SafetyCam system function?

The SafetyCam is a personal safety body camera that records in high definition and can be fastened onto anything to make a recording of your surroundings.

The dimensions of the camera are comparable to those of a huge pen. You are able to attach the camera to either your front pocket or a backpack using the clip. In addition, you can wear it around your neck on a lanyard, attach it to the front of your bicycle or vehicle, or use it in any other way you like.

When it senses motion in front of the lens, SafetyCam will immediately start recording video automatically. Alternatively, you can begin recording video by pressing the button located on the device. The SafetyCam is capable of recording video as well as audio, or it can record only audio.

The official website claims that the SafetyCam is capable of recording footage both during the day and at night. “to assure clear recording in the dark for safety at night,” an infrared lens is utilized by the camera in its construction. Infrared cameras, which are also known as night vision cameras, utilize infrared light to illuminate images in the dark. These cameras have a filter placed between the lens of the camera and the sensor of the camera.

When compared to other body cameras, the battery life of the SafetyCam is very limited. The camera’s battery can power it for approximately three hours of video recording or seven hours of voice recording.

The SafetyCam was developed to be a covert body camera that is perfect for usage by law enforcement officers, security staff, and ordinary citizens in their day-to-day lives:

  • 6x zoom wide-angle lens
  • Recording that is activated in response to movements automatically
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • night vision enabled with infrared LEDs
  • Protected from the elements, low in weight, and long-lasting
  • Clip and magnet mounts allow for simple operation.

It is the mission of SafetyCam to provide a clip-on body camera that is not only portable but also covert, simple to operate, and capable of recording sound as well as video and still images.

The manufacturers of SafetyCam promote the product as personal safety equipment for consumers to use. Your ability to record your environment and keep a record of it thanks to the camera increases your personal safety. If someone accuses you of doing something when you didn’t actually do something, you can utilize SafetyCam to disprove their allegation and show that you didn’t do it.

To clarify things, SafetyCam does not come equipped with any sort of safety measures, such as an alarm or self-defense system. Instead, the unit asserts that it can protect users by discouraging potential attackers. If someone sees the personal body camera that you are wearing, they may think twice about attacking you.

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Uses for SafetyCam

The vast majority of people do not carry body cameras for their day-to-day activities. Then, what exactly is the function of the SafetyCam? Why would you attach the camera to yourself and record the encounters you have throughout the day?

The following is a list of some of the scenarios that are discussed on the SafetyCam website:

Protect Yourself From Assailants The website for SafetyCam includes photographs of women using the device at night to protect themselves from assailants, such as when they are going home alone in a dangerous neighborhood.

Verify Your Claims of Self-Defense If you are being attacked by someone, you have the right to protect yourself. On the website of the company SafetyCam, there is a picture of someone breaking into a house. You are able to demonstrate that you were within your rights to assault this individual if you have a body camera like SafetyCam.

Record Encounters with Law Enforcement: It appears that the manufacturers of SafetyCam also encourage making use of the gadget to record interactions with law enforcement. On the website for SafetyCam, there is a picture of a man who has been pulled over by the police and is getting ready to take a Breathalyzer test. It’s possible that the claims that the police have made against you can be disproven by using SafetyCam, depending on the circumstances.

For Members of the Military and the Police: According to the statements of one NYPD officer who was quoted on the official SafetyCam website, he utilizes the camera on a daily basis to capture encounters with citizens. The use of footage captured by body cameras is becoming increasingly essential (and in some cases even required by law) in police work across the United States.

Record Your Everyday Life: Using SafetyCam doesn’t require you to have a particular purpose in order to do so. Some individuals make use of the camera to document the mundane activities of their lives. You may use the camera to film all types of adventures, such as a walk around town, a trek, or perhaps something completely different.

Other Uses The website for SafetyCam lists a number of additional uses for their product, some of which include roadway safety, emergency medical workers, security people, outdoor activities, and workplace monitoring.

In general, SafetyCam is touted as a tool to safeguard one’s rights while also keeping oneself safe.

Specifications for the SafetyCam Technical Camera

On the website for SafetyCam, there is some information on the product’s technical characteristics; nevertheless, there is very little information about aspects such as the device’s ability to withstand the elements. We do not have any information regarding the weather resistance of the camera. For instance, does it have an IP68 rating, which indicates that it can endure an average rainstorm? Or perhaps you could conceal the camera in a thunderstorm.

The following is a list of some of SafetyCam’s key technical specifications:

1080p High-Definition: The SafetyCam records footage in 1080p HD, which enables you to shoot videos and photographs with a resolution of 1920 by 1080.

Protection from the elements: The SafetyCam makes the claim that it is waterproof, but it is not clear whether this implies that it has IP67 or IP68 protection – or neither.

The SafetyCam promises to be shockproof, making it an excellent choice for use when cycling or participating in other outdoor sports.

Automatic Motion Detection: The SafetyCam will begin recording video without any input from the user whenever it detects anything moving inside its field of vision.

Weight: SafetyCam weighs 200 grams.

IR Night Vision: The SafetyCam has a 6x zoom infrared lens that allows for quality recording even in the dark, making it ideal for use as a nighttime safety device.

Battery: The SafetyCam features a 560mAh battery, which allows for 3 hours of video recording or 7 hours of speech recording before needing to be recharged.

Pricing for Safety Cameras

The price of one SafetyCam camera is $70; however, if you order many cameras at the same time, you will receive a volume discount. The following is a breakdown of the pricing:

  • 1 Camera: $69.99 + $4.95 Shipping
  • Two Cameras for $104.99 and Shipping Is Free
  • Three Cameras for the Low Price of $139.99 and Free Shipping

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Policy Regarding Refunds for Safety Cams

The return policy for SafetyCam is thirty days. Within the first thirty days, you have the option to request a refund.

The website provides scant information regarding the company’s refund policy or the process by which it operates. However, we will assume that you have the ability to request a full refund within the first thirty days with no questions asked, with the exception of the cost of shipping.

Who Is Responsible for SafetyCam?

Only “SafetyCam” is the name that the company that created SafetyCam uses to refer to itself. There is a lack of information available on the location of the company’s camera manufacturing facility.

There is only one way to get in touch with the people that produce SafetyCam, and that is through email. You can get in touch with the organization by using the following methods:


The Last Word

The SafetyCam is a wearable camera for personal use that may be purchased online at the In comparison to cheaper cameras, the SafetyCam costs $70 per unit and does not have some of the functions that are standard on other cameras sold in the same price range.

There is also a general lack of openness regarding where the camera is built, the type of weatherproofing the camera has, as well as other information that we prefer to know before purchasing a camera.

When compared to other personal body cameras available online, SafetyCam is likely to be outclassed in terms of quality and performance. You can make a purchase right away by going to if you think the marketing and other content that is available online from SafetyCam appeals to you. Click Here to visit SafetyCam’s official website


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