SafeMoon’s New Update Could Spark Price Surge, While HUH Token Shoots For The Stars

SafeMoon is launching a new update called SafeMoon V2, which has sparked fresh interest from investors, after the cryptocurrency’s recent lull in price. Meanwhile, new meme crypto called HUH Token is looking to shoot for the stars.

SafeMoon moving out of retrograde

SafeMoon’s V2 update could not come any sooner, as the crypto has seen a churning sideways in price over the past 4 months and did not take part in the recent crypto boom that saw Bitcoin and Ethereum reach all-time highs.

However, SafeMoon has looked to turn things around with its new update, which it proclaims increases quality, security, accessibility and transaction speed. 

In another positive, SafeMoon launched its crypto wallet on October 28 for IOS and October 7th for Android devices. According to SafeMoon’s official Twitter account, “the wallet received roughly 500,000 downloads in just under 50 days”.

While these two updates bolster the fundamentals of SafeMoon, the price chart is also starting to indicate a bullish future for the cryptocurrency as it begins to turn upwards, according to CoinMarketCap:

After setting up an all-time high at $0.00000966 on May the 12th, SafeMoon dropped around 88% in the next four months.

However, it’s been gaining traction since September 28, and it currently looks to be reversing its downtrend.

If SafeMoon can test and break above its resistance ceilings at $0.00000774 and $0.00000915 then the crypto would be likely to shoot for its all-time high at $0.00000966, which would mean a 150% climb.

But SafeMoon needs to hold above the $0.00000377 support floor, if it doesn’t then the price might push it down to the next barrier at $0.00000310.

HUH Token shoots for the stars

A new meme cryptocurrency that plans on capturing people’s imaginations as well as providing solid features is HUH Token, which will be launching on the 6th of December, right on time for the crypto festive frenzy. 

However, HUH Token wants to be more than just another meme token and is introducing a unique referral system, with the aim of fostering generational wealth. It also allows holders to earn two separate streams of independent revenue. The referral scheme will give a holder of HUH Token a referral code which they can then pass on to someone else. When that code is used by another buyer, 10% of that person’s purchase will then go into the wallet of the person who referred said buyer. This link can then proliferate as the new owner will gain a referral code they can pass on, generating passive income for holders.

As you can see, this self-named ‘Utimeme’ is developing the opportunity to start a real moon shot, by being both a utility and a meme token. 

HUH Token is also rumoured to have signed over 3000 top social media influencers to promote it, in an apparent attempt to recreate the social media hype achieved by cryptos like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which led to huge gains recently. Meme coins often need a solid community driving them and if the rumours are true then HUH Token may have found the perfect recipe for crypto hype. 

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