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Safehamsters League as a new concept of game in blockchain

Safehamsters League

SafeHamsters League has announced the Alpha version test. The project has received more than 20,000 participation requests in private test during the first day.

Sounds great, right? Let’s go back to the times when the SafeHamsters project was in the making. 

The first token was launched as a memcoin in early 2021. This token started on the principle of fair launch, 80% were immediately sent to the market. The unexpected success of this token and the emergence of a large community led to a more global project, where the SafeHamsters token turned from a memcoin into the main token of a large ecosystem.

The idea was to give the community an opportunity to earn money within the ecosystem. It was a great decision to create a P2E game, as well as a DeFi platform with farming and staking. 

The second Seed token was launched and doubled the success of SafeHamsters, as well as NFT marketplace. The pre-sale sold was priced at $25 per token.  In a couple of months the price reached over $1000 per token, bringing investors more than 4000% profit.

The Seed token was used as a staking and farming reward. The farming of SafeHamsters token was the cheapest way to mine the Seed token. The Seed token gave holders an opportunity to  buy limited NFTs of the upcoming game. In total, 5 NFT packs were issued  ($2.5 million). All the received from sale Seed tokens were burnt by the team decision, which is curious as well.

Each NFT drop sold out faster than the previous one (avatar pack sold out in 15 seconds).

In September, the MVP version of the SafeHamsters League was released. Although it required improvements and only gave a sense of AR possibility and game mechanics, the statistics were impressive: about 5,000 registered players from 93 countries, more than 650 users the game per day.

Winter has come to the cryptocurrency market, but the development of the game was in its full swing. In February 2022, the Alpha test of the Safehamsters League has been launched.

Already in this version, you can experience an interesting combat gameplay, improved graphics in AR mode, and much more.

We can say that the game is almost ready, but one thing is missed – the launch of the MetaSeed token. It will be based on Polygon Chain and will become the main token in the Safehamsters League game. The team also announced limited NFTs, only available for SafeHamsters tokens, so holders of the token will not regret it.

In conclusion, 3D graphics, AR, the ability to improve your cute hamsters and the possibility to earn money within a simple but interesting game on mobile devices has a huge potential.

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