SafeBLAST Discusses Its Recent Availability On Both BNB & ETH Chains

SafeBLAST (SafeBLAST), a well-rooted utility deflationary token commonly referred to as the ‘dark horse’ of crypto, has announced its availability on both the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) and the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a landmark event for a project with such development in a small space of time to be able to be traded on multiple decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Alongside its recent provision across all these exchanges, this article will discuss the project development of SafeBLAST as well as other recent updates surrounding the token, such as the fresh partnership it has announced with website All these illustrate the ways in which SafeBLAST is becoming widely accepted, plus how far it could grow as time passes.

SafeBLAST Project Development

Despite these big milestones SafeBLAST has only recently passed, its project is continuing to develop at a rapid rate, and its growth is not expected to be slowing down any time soon. Having commenced 2022 with the extraordinary addition of several new items to its roadmap for the future, it has already achieved one of these goals.

It was possible to achieve this item, which was the formation of a bridge to the Ethereum Blockchain without the creation of a novel token, thanks to the MultiChain platform, formerly known as AnySwap. Now, SafeBLAST holders have the luxury of being able to transfer their tokens between the BNB and ETH blockchains.

Not only this, SafeBLAST has afforded its users the added convenience of being able to buy SafeBLAST tokens with Visa, Mastercard and even Bitcoin through its partnership with MyContainer, one of the crypto industry’s top staking platforms.

This partnership has afforded SafeBLAST a listing of their token on MyContainer’s platform, which concurrently acts as a cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, users are now able to buy and stake their SafeBLAST tokens on MyCointainer’s platform.

The Use Cases Of SafeBLAST

By making SafeBLAST, the token is able to be utilized by (and appealing to) both new entrants to the crypto market as well as experienced traders. The token has been designed specifically to be adopted by the cryptocurrency community en masse.

For beginners, SafeBLAST acts as a token that they can use to learn about the crypto world and how to navigate it. Since newbies can get started with this coin for as little as one dollar (and sometimes even less), it enables them to grow steadily into the cryptocurrency industry with a token that is demonstrating reliable, consistent growth.

One key attraction of being a token holder of SafeBLAST is the passive rewards one benefits from just by owning it. The token has been designed so that all holders reap effortless rewards created every time a transaction is completed.

In addition to this, the token automatically generates liquidity so that the floor price remains stable and braced by it. This is a major benefit for token holders as when the available supply of circulating tokens is short, the floor price will be heavily influenced by supply and demand.

SafeBLAST Market Standing

SafeBLAST’s founder refers to this token as a “perfect gem entry level opportunity” as it already has a huge number of holders (100,000) and yet a low market cap. As well as being able to purchase online directly with SafeBLAST, holders are now also able to use it at vending machines and in-store too.

The SafeBLAST community has demonstrated slow yet reliable growth, most notably by its recent acceptance as the first deflationary token as a payment method for GK College of Business, Arts and Technology tuition fees.

Experts credit this reliable and consistent growth to the token’s contract. The contract was renounced, which in crypto terms means it cannot be edited – this is to reduce the chances of someone changing the smart contract in order to manipulate it.

Final Take

On balance, the recent release of SafeBLAST on both BNB and ETH chains, as well as the creation of a bridge between these two, further aligns this token as a ‘beginner-friendly’ token that can be used by entrants and experts alike to learn the industry whilst also reaping the significant benefits inherent to the token.

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