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Safe Ways to Let Your Dog Socialize

Safe Ways to Let Your Dog Socialize

The answer may be the same as guilt-free travel: dog camp

What kind of life would be for a dog to be on a leash or a house all the time? Even if you have an outside space, like a backyard, that might get boring for a dog as well. 

Many cities and towns now have dog parks. In New York City, these are fenced areas where owners can sit and let the dogs play. While these spaces are great options in many ways, there can be issues. If two or more dogs do not get along well, there is no obvious mechanism to remove or re-arrange the social groups.

Also, if you have children and take them to the playground, you will instantly notice the difference between arriving to see a group of unknown children versus walking in and seeing a good friend: social relations require time to develop. The same is true for dogs. The dog park can provide multiple encounters, but not the sustained time together to get to know each other well. 

If you are concerned about the social life of your dog, you might consider a dog camp, at least in New York City. Unlike a kennel, dog camps are modeled after summer camps for children. If the camp offers pick up and delivery in the city, it’s even more convenient than other options. Instead of being cooped up in yet another restricted environment, at camp a dog gets to enjoy life on dog terms. 

How can these dogs play in this kind of environment without fighting? There are a number of tricks. Glencadia Dog Camp’s founder notes that his crew has whistles, squirt guns, airhorns, and radios to call for backup, but that this gear is not the secret to safety. Rather, using a state-of-the-art app to share information and studying the behavior of dogs, the team can manage the social environment. 

While there is always a risk of a fight when dogs socialize, there are also significant dangers inherent in not letting them spend time together. Some wonder if it is ethical to make an animal like a dog conform to the human environment. Dogs living with humans can exhibit the signs of boredom associated with prison. Here is an article about some of these mental health issues. By signing your dog up for camp, you can not only travel guilt-free, but you can also provide your dog with a stimulating and exciting environment. 

In New York City, there are three main dog camps that offer delivery. Eva’s Play Pups, Far Fetched Acres, and Glencadia Dog Camp. Here is an assessment of those three options. Recently, Glencadia’s owner issued a history of the dog camp

If you have a dog and a life, you are likely to be faced with a dilemma. You probably love the company of this creature – s/he centers you and brings you back to the essentials of life, a bit of the natural in this manmade environment. However, you want to travel. What should you do?

You can ask someone to take care of your dog. You take my dog when I travel. I’ll take yours. But… my dog is better than yours. Your dog destroyed my sofa. I only travel once a year and you go away every month. I asked you to watch my dog just once and you said you couldn’t do it! You can try Rover, or boarding in the city. None of these usually work out the way you might hope. 

There is a way to provide a healthy, psychological environment for your dog and travel all you want. Try a dog camp. 

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