Safe and Magical Yield Returns – The Merlin Lab Way

Decentralized finance aka DeFi is currently one of the biggest trends in the crypto space with a market cap of over $90 billion and TVL of $100 billion as reported by CoinGecko. This trend, albeit a massive boon for the staggering crypto market, is faced with a ton of challenges. Presently, there are no DeFi protocols that offer users truly functional and holistically efficient yield farming, and many are complicated with low returns.

This has become a huge problem for prospective investors seeking to earn significant rewards from the booming DeFi market. To solve this integral problem, the Merlin Lab platform was launched. 

Launched on May 13th, the yield aggregating platform has somehow managed to rake in over $100 million in TVL. An auto-compounding platform, Merlin Lab seeks to create an optimized ecosystem to focus on sustainable and safe yield returns in a myriad of services with the aim of being a super crypto platform. 

Built on Binance Smart Chain [BSC], a decentralized and public blockchain compatible with smart contracts, Merlin Lab’s vaults help take care of gas fees, annual percentage yield [APY] tracking, and security with a firm goal to enable users to maximize yield farming at the lowest possible cost. 

Compounding Users’ Assets 

As part of its vision to enable users’ to earn more in yield returns, Merlin Lab integrates compounding. A financial model where an asset’s earnings from interests or capital gains are subsequently reinvested to generate more earnings over a period. Surprisingly, Merlin Lab does this automatically for users, thereby helping maximize profits. 

Commemorating its launch and the attained feat, Merlin Lab has kickstarted a $200,000 bounty giveaway program, as reported by their Medium page. Aimed at building an active and strong community, the Merlin Lab team has already distributed over $70,000 and are in the final week of the first round of the Bounty Program. They are estimating to reach their goal of $100,000 in bounty rewards distributed by week 5, and restarting the Bounty Campaign at a later date with brand new bounties for the remainder $100,000.  

Besides rewarding users, Merlin Lab recognizes the benefits of auto-compounding as well as that of accumulating key cryptocurrencies like BNB, ADA, CAKE, ETH, et al. 

With over 104 DeFi protocols actively trading on the market as reported by DeFi Pulse, Merlin Lab seeks to pioneer a requisite change in how users earn from this booming crypto trend. The launch of an optimized platform that focuses primarily on offering investors high yield returns by auto-compounding their assets has been described by various experts as one that could push this DeFi space on the path of widespread adoption. Along with its deflationary framework, and what many have called a devv powerhouse, Merlin Lab has already launched a lottery system to support buyback-burns. Additionally the Merlin Lab team is already constructing its planned NFT marketplace, having recently partnered with to sell its first NFTs!

The topic of global adoption for the emerging decentralized finance market, to most, has been over-flogged. Well, while that’s true, the inherent problems of the crypto market have, unfortunately, stunted the possible growth of this trend. While a ton of platforms have been designed to resolve all of these problems, it is necessary to remember that one project may not entirely solve the many flaws of the market. However, the launch of projects like Merlin Lab focusing on distinct aspects of the market will provide the needed assistance in the quest for global adoption. 

Merlin Lab’s unique features as well as its native token, MERL, which will enable users to stake various assets and earn rewards, will pioneer a paradigm shift in the DeFi market. With over $100 million in TVL in less than 14 days, this auto-compounding and aggregator platform is on the right path, with many more to follow.

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