SafariSwap, the Next Gen AMM, Contribute to the Well-being of the Wildlife

Do you love animals and want to do something for their welfare? Here is a chance for you to do the same while making money for yourself. Want to know more? Then let’s get started.

As we know, wildlife poaching is becoming a threat to the animals and the human race. Though efforts are made, and a large amount of money is spent to stop this illegal poaching, it cannot be prevented.

SafariSwap is a community-based and driven automated market maker (AMM) that aims to build an animal-friendly and animal lover-based community.  

SafariSwap, the best Liquidity pool platform for NFT Gamification

SafariSwap is built on the Binance smart chain (BSC). BSC technology secures the interests of all its liquidity suppliers. BSC is also one of the world’s leading providers of decentralised exchange technology. 

Thus, SafariSwap has become an essential word for consecutive massive DEX on BSC permitting investors to swap BEP-20 tokens.

$NatureToken of Safari Swap

SafariSwap $Nature token is a high-yield staking LP token. It offers rewards to its community NFT gamification and liquidity mining. It is profitable for all token holders and those who participate in the SafariSwap NFT ecosystem.

Now, it is a difficult time in the crypto world. All the major cryptocurrencies are facing price falls, and the $Nature token is still holding its strong position. 

Benefits of SafariSwap users

As we have stated above, while using SafariSwap, you not only contribute to animal welfare, but also you could multiply your wealth by tapping onto SafariSwap’s gamification features. It uses the DEFI technology to generate resources for charities. According to the current users, you can expect a return of 33% to 540% on capital.

It is simple as it enhances the value of its Liquidity Providers (LP) tokens through gamification and community building. It will be more lucid when you know that the current value of 1 $Nature is $2. Now you can easily calculate and estimate your profit. 

Upgraded feature of SafariSwap

SafariSwap will launch its NFT upgrade feature soon. The existing community members can thus be able to upgrade the existing NFTs. 

How will the upgraded features work

When you open the treasure box, you will find an NFT such as ‘lion’, ‘meat’ etc. Now you can combine the food NFT with that of animal NFT to get an animal NFT of more excellent value.

The various levels of rarity are :

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Divine

This feature will benefit the early large NFT holders, who will get more value from their NFTS.

Ending Lines

The mechanism of the SafariSwap system is transparent and straightforward.

  •       50% of the profits will go to the winner
  •       30% of the profits will go to the company’s development
  •       20% of the profits will be for wildlife conservation.

So what are you waiting for? Just grab the opportunity to become a pro. For more details, stay connected with us. We will come with a lot more surprises for you. 

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