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Sabrina Saggu Talks About Mere Desires And Potentials Not Being Enough To Be Financially Independent

How many times have we heard the motivational mantra, “if you can think it, you can do it”? Motivational and public speakers have bombarded us to believe that there isn’t a thing we can’t do if we only believe we can.

Nothing can be further from the truth: thinking doesn’t get anything done!

Does that sound harsh?

The futility believes that thinking equals doing and that desire and potential equals ability and skill are what Sabrina Saggu is against. The erroneous belief, the Toronto-based digital Entrepreneur says, is why many people fail and why many mentors cannot properly lead their mentees.

Sabrina is a digital entrepreneur with almost a year of experience helping people create multiple streams of income. Since MARCH 2020, Sabrina has helped more than 300 families create multiple streams of income, helping these families improve their finances.

Sabrina Saggu does not support the belief that mere desires and potentials are enough to guarantee success. To Sabrina Saggu, the illusion that desire is enough is the reason many mentors are left frustrated.

Having mentors is important; it helps to hasten the growth and learning process of every mentee. However, mentors need to know, Sabrina advises, that having desires and potentials is not an important indicator that a mentee will learn and do well.

“Many people are comfortable with having a desire, so much so that they’re not ready to put in the work needed. In his book Think and Grow Rich, having a strong desire is vital if one wants to become rich and powerful.”

However, many people, Sabrina Saggu opines, had taken off the STRONG before the desire and stayed only with DESIRE.

A STRONG desire is what Napoleon Hill taught, not mere desire.

The problem with having mere desires and hoping for success is that you’ll get your hope up but never experience success.


Desire is not enough. Desire has never been enough.

Sabrina Saggu believes that what makes the difference is the willingness to abandon old and limit ideologies about money and investment, and put in the work required.

“I have made mistakes of believing people’s potential was enough for them to be financially independent. I have invested my time and knowledge into helping people with ‘desire and potential’ become financially independent, but it has failed woefully. I have since learned that people will only become rich when they want to,” the digital Entrepreneur said.

Napoleon Hill’s words still hold even as they did decades ago when he wrote the book: strong desires are needed to become rich.

With strong desires, people are more willing to put in the work.

Sabrina Saggu doesn’t believe in potentials anymore because it is fleeting. Potentials are limiting; they are not the real deal. The real deal is the work.

This is not in any way playing down on how powerful potentials are, but they are not the be-all and in all for success.

If you want to succeed as an investor, you need to drop all the glossy blankets ‘Potentials’ bestows on you and instead adorn yourself with the garment of determination, consistency, and hard work.

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