Rxl Token- Alternative Cryptocurrency For Rental Markets.

According to Bitcoin.org.en, Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority. Over the last couple of years, the word cryptocurrency has been gaining grounds and understanding of its use and value in the world. Bitcoin operates at the universal level and therefore makes transactions very easy, secure and reliable. Fact is, many people are not fully aware of this great technology.

What is RXL token?

RXL token-Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency” is a vital element of the rxeal platform; which ensures flexibility and control over the project growth. This token will be used extensively for payments of services, payouts to arbitrators and other interactions within the rxeal platform.

Rxeal is a platform for trustless and safe security deposit storage on the Ethereumblockchain technology that provides a decentralized dispute resolution. It is the solution for eliminating a growing number of fraud cases in the rental market; associated with unfair withholding of funds from the security deposit at the end of the rental agreement, by providing an interface to engage in these activities using smart contracts. More so, it provides much faster deposit return rates and cost effectiveness compared to the current off-chain solutions. Rxeal is focused on real estate and automotive rental markets which is worth $100 billion USD combined. The platform will also be available for industries that demand trustless fund storage and fair disputes resolution. In summary, their mission is to create a world where no security deposits are disputed.

The RXL token pre-sale/pre-ICO commenced January 15, 2018 and will end February 5, 2018 or upon reaching the token pre-sale cap. The main ICO will commence February 15, 2018 and end March 21, 2018 or upon reaching the token sale hard cap. The proceeds of the ICO will be used for the project development and business expansion according to the roadmap. Early token sale participants will be the first to use the rxeal services at discounted rates once it is available for limited user base at the first phase of the release. They will also benefit from the bonus rates RXL tokens will be distributed at.

 The rxeal team, advisor and partner network consists of entrepreneurs, web engineers, blockchain developers, lawyers, marketing specialists and industry professionals with years of experience working together, growing companies to global scale and delivering pioneering products and services. RxEAL project has been presented to institutional and private investors who provided funding and made investment commitments. This shows that Rxeal is a project worth investing in. Take advantage of this useful opportunity today!!

 For more information, kindly visit: https://rxeal.com

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