RXEAL : The Latest way to profit from the Rental Markets through Ethereum Blockchain Technology.

The Public Token Presale for the Rxeal Token will be live in 5 days from now. This is your time to profit from the rental markets through the innovative opportunities offered by Rxeal blockchain technology.  

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, it has caught the attention of eagle-eyed speculators, traders and users. The tokens are no doubt worth owing and trading along with other altcoin, but the true revolution bitcoin brought to the world is BLOCKCHAIN.

RxEAL is a new platform for secure rental deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain, is about to launch its token public presale. RxEAL aims to solve the problem of the growing number of security deposit disputes by providing a simple way to create smart contracts and offering decentralised dispute resolution. Currently, the company’s main focus is on real estate and automotive rental markets. This is because ; Real estate is one of the greatest money makers of all time. According to the latest data, the real estate industry is valued at over $3 trillion. People have always invested in real estate and always will, and with the industry going strong in the future, it is in constant need of upgrades and solutions to resolve long-standing problems.

Today, more people than ever before are involved in rental transactions, caused by factors like the growth of the sharing economy, favorable conditions for travelers and others. Unfortunately, a significant amount of the agreements on these rental transactions end in disputes. More specifically, data tells us that almost 50% of the agreements globally are subject to disputes. In the UK alone, 6 billion Euros are lost annually because of this. These shocking data indicated to us that there is a major error in the form of agreement itself. Most of the dispute cases arise on the basis that deposits have not been returned or the amount returned was lower than expected.

Within the RxEAL platform, users are able to generate smart contracts based on terms both parties have agreed on. The contract will ensure that the deposit amount will be stored securely on Ethereumblockchain throughout the course of the agreement. In the event of a dispute, the platform will provide decentralized and independent arbitrage conducted by qualified members who earn RxEAL tokens for resolving the dispute. Their approach eliminates the possibility of breaching the contract terms, hence solving the issue of trust associated with rental deposits. Basically, their mission with RxEAL is to have a world where no security deposit is disputed.

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