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Rush Mommy Founder on What Makes a Great Website


A great website is vital for a small business. It sets the tone for your brand, and it displays and describes your products and services. For retailers, a great website also includes an online store. 

Here are some qualities of a great website from Amanda Jaggers, the founder of Rush Mommy. Rush Mommy enables small business owners to easily create their website.

Clean, Functional Design

An excellent website has an uncluttered, easy-to-follow design with room for white space. It also has visual cues throughout to help the customer navigate. It should keep visitors engaged. 

The website also must load quickly. More than half of all customers will abandon a site that takes more than six seconds to load. One-fifth of those who remain will buy fewer items than they intended if the site takes too long to load. When you design your website, you should test its functionality and quickness.

Optimized for Mobile

About three-quarters of Americans sometimes buy products using their mobile phones. Almost all young adults use their smartphones to make purchases at least sometimes. Optimizing the site for mobile is critical to capturing these sales.

Fresh, Quality Content

To keep people coming to your website, you’ll need to refresh your content frequently. Blogs and social media help update your site, and they also improve SEO so that you’ll rank higher on Google searches.

When writing for the web, use succinct language and short paragraphs. Proofread carefully.

Website Stand Out

One way to make your website stand out is to have a clear and concise message. You want visitors to know what your website is about within seconds of landing on the page. A great way to do this is to use clear and concise headlines and subheads. Another way to make your website stand out is to use strong visuals. People are visual creatures and will respond positively to imagery that is well-designed and relevant to your message. Finally, you want to make sure your website is easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for without any trouble. If your website is cluttered or confusing, people will likely click away before they find what they need.

Be Accessible

Provide several ways customers can contact you with questions, concerns, or other comments. Email, phone, and an online contact form are three popular ways to be accessible to customers. Also, make sure these contact methods are easy to find. Place them on the “contact us” page or on every page of your site.

Don’t Forget to Ask

The purpose of your website is to engage your customers and, ultimately, lead to a sale. Don’t forget to put a call to action on every page. The call to action could be to read and share articles, contact you for more information, buy a product, follow you on social media, or download additional resources.

And Speaking of Asking

You can contact Rush Mommy for affordable tools to help you design the any types of websites for use. 

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