Run An Automotive Channel According To The Law – Number Plate Blurring In Practice

For many people, running their own automotive channel on one of several leading streaming services is a seemingly simple and undemanding task. However, it is quite the opposite – in addition to preparing interesting materials and collecting them, editing also counts, which should not come down only to taking care of contrast, color or gamma. Equally important is legal compliance. Nowadays, anonymity is being favored on the web, and the publication of number plates is one of the biggest problems for automotive content creators. How to solve it? By anonymization.

What to take care of when running an automotive channel for its enthusiasts?

If you want to run your own automotive channel, in which you will publish videos of bystanders, for example, in the form of recordings from driving recorders, take care of sufficiently high quality. Many novice content creators mistakenly think that only good content matters, while in fact the quality of the recordings is of no less importance, which is especially crucial for fans of high resolution or detail.

Take care of the quality of the source materials and edit them according to the expectations of modern businessmen, paying close attention to the smallest and seemingly least important details. Everything is important – from the correct coloring of any compilation footage of accidents, for example, to the right soundtrack for the situation. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg – any visual modifications involving the entire file are simple, as in most programs all you need to do is properly operate the special sliders responsible for a particular modification.

Is it necessary to blur the number plates?

In Poland, there is no law mandating the blurring of number plates, since these, according to a judgment by a number of completely different courts, do not constitute personal data and can be published without asking the owner’s permission. This is quite a logical approach, given that the plates are also perfectly visible on public streets.

Although the plates do not have to be blurred, it is sometimes worth doing so, because an upset and angry owner may sue you in the heat of the moment. He or she will certainly not win it, given the past results of such cases, but it will take a lot of time and surely cause a considerable amount of stress. So if you are wondering why you should blur the number plates, there can be only one answer – for peace of mind and to remove all responsibility from yourself.

What is the best way to blur number plates in your videos and compilations?

It’s a relatively simple question – all you need to do is reach for dedicated applications that will make the whole process many times more efficient and faster. Many people try to do it on their own in graphics programs, which in extreme cases takes much more time and causes a lot of annoying problems. It is worth reaching for applications that do it on their own – they automatically search for number plates and blur them in such a way that they become unreadable and the contents are impossible to recover.

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