Ruby on Rails Consulting Services: What You Need to Know

Ruby on Rails Consulting Services: What You Need to Know

As you all know, Ruby on Rails development services provide ready solutions to developers because of its versatile library. It can combine well with other languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. By taking Ruby on Rails consulting services, you can develop websites easily optimized for your business. Well, there are more than 3.7 million active websites that use RoR. 6.84% of the top websites are developed on Ruby on Rails only. Being a fantastic open-source language, the demand for its coding skill is almost up in the marketplace, which is 1.64x. 


Let us explain why Ruby on Rails for web development is important. And, what are its various benefits for businesses?

Why Use Ruby on Rails Consulting Services for Web Development?

Are you launching a new project? Do you want to revamp your existing website? Well, Ruby on Rails web development company can help you with an exact package of Rails applications. The vast library provides great web solutions that are ready to use. It is already a top choice among software development companies because it provides simplified web creation. 

The best part of using this framework is that you can build customized websites and web applications from scratch. Organizations, especially startups looking forward to developing websites under a limited budget and within a short time, can hire RoR developers. Ruby on Rails examples websites are already trending over the internet, and a few are great names too. A few popular websites developed on Ruby on Rails are:

  • GitHub
  • TEDX
  • Zendesk
  • Kickstarter
  • Instacart
  • Shopify
  • Scribd
  • Twitch and many more

Even the Ruby on Rails example application is quite popular if you watch out for the web application numbers. Industries like business and consumer services, arts and entertainment, computer electronics and telecommunication, and science and education mainly use the framework. The best example applications built on RoR are:

  • Airbnb
  • Hulu
  • Dribble
  • Soundcloud
  • SlideShare, and many more

To develop robust and agile apps, you can take enterprise software development services from reputed providers like BoTree Technologies. They are well-versed in organizational digital transformation projects. Their RoR developers provide scalable web projects.

Benefits Of Using Ruby On Rails For Web Development

Ruby on Rails for web development is gaining popularity after its latest version, 7.0.4. The latest version of this open-source language will help with rails integration, asynchronous query loading, JS bundling, etc., for increasing your web performance. It will now simplify and amplify web development in 2023. People who are saying it is dead are not up-to-date with its benefits.

Some of its exclusive benefits are as under:

  • Time Efficient: 
    • The RoR language is quite easy to learn, but when you unlock its true potential, you will realize its effectiveness too. It has a versatile library and coding functions to spare you time from time-consuming tasks. Most startups use this language because the market’s web development turnaround time is short. 
  • Flexibility: 
    • The development of Rails-based web applications is quite flexible with RoR as it empowers the programmers and debugs the applications fast. Ruby stands equally with Django when it comes to the web development process. The projects can also be altered to meet the client’s specific business needs. 
  • Cost-Effective: 
    • Most companies are worried about their budget for web development, especially from scratch. You can get high-quality websites quickly by taking Ruby on Rails web development services. Moreover, they will be highly interactive under your budget only. There will be no effect on site productivity too. 
  • Gems Availability: 
    • The ‘Gem’ package comprises a Ruby library or applications. It will help to amplify or modify the functionality of your web apps. A few Ruby gems provide command ‘line’ utilities to automate and speed up tasks. These functionalities are all available at RubyGems. 
  • Coding Quality: 
    • Rails use the programming language Ruby, which has the highest level of readability. Its coding aspects increase productivity, and the developers need not write separate coding comments. It makes it easier for other developers to take up existing web projects of a company. 
  • Secure: 
    • Online websites require the utmost security because they have much customer data saved. With Ruby on Rails web development, you do not have to worry about the security of the data as it has multiple in-built safety functionalities. It also supports test-driven and behavior-driven developments.

Now, you must know the versatile benefits of the RoR programming language. Do you know the default web server Ruby uses? Read on to know more!

Ruby on Rails Default Web Server

When providing RoR development consultation, most enterprise software solutions providers mostly talk about Ruby’s default web server too. It is WEBrick. It supports Ruby’s standard library. As the library is installed on every machine that has Ruby, many frameworks like Rails and Racks use WEBrick. 

It is fine for web development but currently cannot handle huge workload requests. Use the production web server for the same. Well, the production web server of RoR can handle multiple requests simultaneously. Puma Web Server is one such example. Web developers can add it as a dependency to their ‘Gemfile.’ By adding it to your Profile, you can commit it to Git and deploy it.

Partner With Reputed Ruby On Rails Consulting Service Provider!

Ruby on Rails is an efficient open-source technology that is quite versatile. You can use it for your website project’s security and to increase its productivity. Developers can effortlessly include third-party software libraries too. Contact a professional technology consulting services and software development company, BoTree Technologies, for agile web development projects. They achieve the digital transformation of your web projects by using the best RoR gems and libraries for improving web functionalities. We have a scalable and efficient ecosystem to help our clients.

Call BoTree Technologies experts today to discuss your web development project and get robust solutions!

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