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Royan Nidea Helps Mission-Driven Solopreneurs Scale Their Businesses To 6-Figure Income Through LinkedIn

Royan Nidea with his company, Royan Nidea Marketing, is assisting scores of coaches, consultants, and B2B service providers to grow their audience, build their brands, and scale their businesses by leveraging LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is fast growing today. With over 810 million users, the count is only going up. It is a hub for professionals to discuss their journey, provide insights into their niche, and bust myths, and even guide others on how to grow in a particular field. Users from across the globe connect on this platform and utilize it to build personal and professional brands.

Once a portal where only companies would come to recruit employees, LinkedIn has now become a channel for all types of business owners to find leads and grow their businesses!

Although LinkedIn encompasses a thousand opportunities, many individuals miss them because they are unable to steer in the right direction. Royan Nidea realized the gap between business owners and their potential clients. Since then, Royan has guided countless entrepreneurs in generating leads and boosting their businesses using LinkedIn.

Going From $200 To $20,000 In 6 Months

At the age of 18, Royan Nidea quit college to support his family financially and started his journey with a job in the sales industry. From that point, Royan only kept on climbing up his career ladder.  At just 30, he had earned over 12 years of experience in the respective field.

The best opportunity in Royan’s career came when he started working for a coaching-consulting firm. His experience with the client prompted him to explore LinkedIn. This finally led him to start his firm that would primarily serve coaches, consultants, and service providers with LinkedIn client acquisition.

In 2018, Royan founded a consulting and outsourcing firm that focuses on helping coaches, consultants, and B2B service providers to expand their business to 6-figure income using LinkedIn. Just like any other business, Royan’s company too faced many challenges to become successful, however, they kept on moving forward, and even though, he only made $200 in his first month, Royan was able to scale his business to $20,000 a month and 15 team members in just 6 months and a lot of perseverance.  

Royan’s Mission

Royan’s framework generates nothing except astounding outcomes for his clientele. Now, he is on a mission to contribute to the betterment of the world by assisting people in achieving financial independence without compromising time with their families.

The LinkedIn expert shares his know-how and also publishes articles about growing businesses on his LinkedIn page. The grasp of the social media platform’s power and the desire to assist people in growing their businesses has brought Royan this far and built him a business that is only going to grow in the future.

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