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Royal Holiday Vacation: Free Yourself From Travel Jitters

Royal Holiday Vacation: Free Yourself From Travel Jitters

Vacation Jitters?

Everything is planned, your flight is booked, and for weeks, you’ve been feeling all excited about the upcoming vacation that is supposed to afford you a breather from the dreary routine that is every day! And yet, as the day to leave your threshold for a good two weeks or more comes nearer, you start to experience a strange feeling that is not far from what one might call anxiety.

You start to wonder if you’ve made all the right choices, whether or not your trip will turn out to be as great as you had imagined; your chest feels a little heavy at times; you start to double-check things; and so on.

Well, if you know what we’re talking about, you’re not the only one to have been through this kind of experience. All too many people suffer from the same things as the day to embark on their dream vacation draws nearer. The syndrome is variously referred to as travel jitters, vacation jitters, or travel anxiety.

However, the good news is that it is not too difficult to get rid of your vacation jitters. There are things you can do all by yourself to get free of the anxiety.

Also, a good alternative is to travel as a member of a reputed vacation club such as the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. With the latter, some of the more arduous tasks related to traveling are taken care of by the club itself. That way, you can enjoy your vacation with a free mind making the most of it.

What Causes Travel Jitters?

Several things can give someone travel anxiety. We’ll discuss some of them in greater detail later. However, the most common reason is our tendency to ‘overthink.’

When we overthink, we start to fictionalize, i.e., we tend to imagine all the things that MAY go wrong. So, instead of feeling fresh and excited, we tend to have negative feelings about the novel experience awaiting us.

Ways to Free Oneself of Vacation Jitters

1. Research Well, Prepare Yourself, and Then Plan

The anxiety may already set in during the planning phase itself for many. Am I making the right decisions (concerning one’s choice of flight booking, lodging venues, places to visit, etc.)? Are the cultural differences too big for me to enjoy a pleasant vacation? And so on.

This is why the right kind of preparation is key to avoiding any vacation jitters later on. Make sure to research the place or country you are planning to visit. There is no shortage of resources with the internet today full of many wonderful and highly informational travel blogs. You can also collect loads of helpful information, download free guides, etc., by visiting the official tourism website of the place in question.

Doing research will help you understand the culture and customs of the place. That way, you’ll know beforehand about all the do’s and don’ts and generally, what to expect when you reach the place. That way, you will feel more excited than nervous when you eventually get to the place and start your vacation.

However, planning involves much more than simply familiarizing yourself with your travel destination. You have to know how to get the best deals on flight tickets, hotel rooms, tours, etc. To grab the best deals, one needs to start his research months before their vacation.

Now, this is something that many people find stressful enough. That is understandable, considering all the details one needs to think of when preparing a full itinerary for the tour. This is where being a vacation club member can prove extremely helpful.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club, for example, offers all-inclusive packages for their members for a large majority of their destinations. As an industry leader in international tourism, the club has affiliations with some of the best hotels, resorts, spa facilities, hospitality venues, airlines, sightseeing organizers, etc.

They can provide some of the best deals that would otherwise be difficult to acquire if you’re planning everything on your own. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious and dream vacation at a reasonable price, you can benefit a lot from a company such as the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

2. Keep the Fear of Illnesses at Bay

Fear of illnesses has been cited as one of the more common causes behind people feeling vacation jitters. It is made worse given the time we’re living in right now. So, make sure to do your research and consult your family physician regarding what sort of medications to take along with you on your tour, whether or not you need to take any vaccines, etc.

This is highly important since fear of illness can give vacation jitters; however, what is worse is ‘actually falling sick’ while on vacation. On the other hand, taking the necessary medical precautions will eliminate at least one cause of travel anxiety.

Right now, however, there is more to it. For example, how do you know that the place you will be staying at is safe enough? Do you know if it is observing proper health and safety guidelines? Here, again, you can benefit by traveling as a member of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

All Royal Holiday Vacation Resorts and Hotels are strictly following their SAFE GUEST PROGRAM designed following Cristal International Standards’ five key certifications, which are:

  • Covid-19 POSICHECK Certification
  • FOODCHECK Certification
  • ROOMCHECK Certification
  • AQUACHECK Certification
  • POOLCHECK Certification

You can find all the details on Royal Holiday’s website.

3. Make Use of Vacation Timeshares

The fear of the unknown plays a significant role in giving vacation jitters to people. However, you can take the ‘unknown’ out of the equation (there will always be a first time!) by opting for one of the many different types of vacation timeshares offered by top vacation clubs like Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

You can choose from two primary forms of timeshares: Shared Deeded Contract and Shared Leased Contract. Then, you can choose from different types of timeshares such as Floating-Week Timeshare, Fixed-Week Timeshare, and Point System Timeshare.

So, whether you are traveling on your own or as a member of a premium club like Royal Holiday Vacation Club, stay mindful of the above, and you’ll surely be able to feel less ‘jittery’ and more full of joy and exhilaration while on that dream vacation.

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