Royal Goats Club is focusing on their community

After only 3 months, Royal Goats Club has done a lot for their community as well as the web3 community abroad.

 Royal Goats Club is more than just an NFT project. It is, as its title says, it’s a club; whose focus is on community and utility. While the Royal Goats Club NFT has not yet minted, the project has already given away thousands of dollars worth of Ethereum to its community through giveaways and other members of the web3 space as well. Why? Because according to Royal Goats Club, providing value and utility to the community is what drives them. Royal Goats Club really believes in treating their community like Royalty.I recently sat down with actor and entrepreneur Devan Leos who serves as an advisor for the project and he had this to say:

 Royal Goats Club is a community of like-minded individuals who have a grand love for the web3 community and the future of blockchain technology. While we are launching our own NFT, the Royal Goats Club is going much further than that. We are a community-focused club that prides itself on utility and taking care of our community.” – Devan Leos (Royal Goats Club)

 While spending time within the community and getting a firsthand experience of what the Royal family was like, I was impressed with the way everyone was so positive toward each other and it seemed like the people running the project were super attentive and on top of things. Also, another added benefit of the club is that holders of the Royal Goat Club NFT will be given access to exclusive events like a party at the Bahamas and will be allowed inside holder-only chats where members will be able to share ideas and resources.

So, to sum it up, Royal Goats Club is more than just a classy club for goat lovers, it is a collective of individuals who believe that community comes first and Royal treatment of one another is a must! While there is no official date for the mint yet, people can still join the Royal Goats Club discord here, and find them on Twitter @RoyalGoatsClub

About Royal Goats Club (From
Royal Goat’s Club was created to build better! Better what? Better everything! We have assembled a team of accomplished entrepreneurs who want to build the best marketplace and best community in web3.

The project was founded by entrepreneurs who have identified problems in the current marketplace choices and wish to build something greater. Our roadmap includes a utility token and NFT Marketplace, with lots of perks for our holders along the way. We know to build something great it takes a great community. We value your voice and ideas. You will be generously rewarded for being a part of the Royal Goats. Besides access and airdrops, we plan to reward our community with an all-inclusive Royal Retreat weekend, where every holder will be treated like royalty.

What are the benefits of holding a Royal Goat’s Club NFT?

We will continuously provide value to our holders through IRL holder-only events, both exclusive and with other projects. Royal Goats will also receive token airdrops, schwag from corporate partnerships, and an exclusive pass to the all-inclusive Royal Retreat weekend in the Bahamas.

How many NFTs are in this project?

“This is a 10k collection. 500 NFTs will be set aside for the team and promotion, leaving 9500 available for purchase.”

How many NFTs from the upcoming collection can I mint?

“Each spot on the Whitelist can mint multiple NFTs during the presale. Only 2500 unique wallets will be whitelisted for the presale. Only 2500 Royal Goats will be available during the presale period. The remaining 7,000 Royal Goats will be available for public sale. The first 2500 Royal Goat’s Club NFTs will receive a FREE airdrop of a Royal Doe.”

What is the date for the 10k NFT collection mint ?

Our collection will be released sooner rather than later. Be sure to keep up to date on the latest announcements in discord.

How much will it cost to mint ?

“We are still in the process of finalizing our mint price, but it will be entry-level + standard Gas fee.

What are the secondary sale royalties that will be collected ?”

2.5%. This will not be increased.

Where is our Roadmap ?

“You can find our roadmap in the home page . This will continue to evolve & while the details are complex, our goal is simple – to help you learn, connect & get rewarded for participating, and to have fun and make friends along the way!”

Who is the team and founding GOATs? Are they doxxed?

Royal Goats Club team is fully doxxed and believes in transparency.

Royal Retreat?? What’s that?

Our holders must be age 18 and older to attend the Royal Retreat. Find more info below.

Royal Retreat

“A weekend for Royal Goats Club NFT holders. A weekend where we get the honor of expressing our gratitude to our holders, and truly treating them like royalty.

This all-inclusive weekend will include networking events in the sand and sun, well-known performers, parties, and gifts for our holders from our corporate partners. We can’t wait to share all the value we plan to pack into this weekend for our community! More details will be leaked over the next few months regarding this amazing retreat weekend.

Holders must be 18 in order to register for the Royal Retreat. Royal Retreat registration will begin in January 2023. Must be a holder from registration until arrival. Bring shades and wear sunscreen. ”


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