Roseon Finance (ROSN) To Break $1 By The End of 2021

Roseon Finance is a yield aggregator platform that has been stirring interest in the crypto sector since its launch in June 2021. With its innovative services that are easy to use and designed with the average investor in mind, the app, currently available on iOS and Android, gives opportunities to earn crypto rewards which exceed traditional investments. 

As the industry continues on its high growth trajectory with new and faster protocols, Roseon Mobile has chosen to prioritize user experience and ease of access. A complete package, the app allows users to manage their crypto holdings, NFTs and take part in the best DeFi farming options with its yield services – all through its single mobile app interface. 

The ROSN Token

At its heart of the Roseon app is its native ROSN token that acts as a utility token and allows Roseon Finance users to stake, pay transaction fees, and participate in tiered products and services. The VIP system is based on the number of ROSN tokens held in the past month.

ROSN has a maximum supply of 100 million such that no more can be produced. The circulation as at July 2021 is 15.2 million tokens with a gradual release over the next 3 years, ensuring the circulating supply will be moderate as the team completes its roadmap journey.   

Roseon has made some big announcements since its IDO in May such as listing the ROSN token on big exchanges including Kucoin. ROSN continues to build value with the constant addition of new services and farming pools. In addition, Roseon Finance has also made a series of strategic partnerships that really set it apart from the plethora of tokens today. One recent example of this is the recent partnership with ShopNEXT/Shopiness, whereby ShopNEXT will integrate its users to the DeFi services offered by Roseon Finance while Roseon users will also be able to access shopping cashbacks and rewards through ShopNEXT.  As Shopiness is already an established rewards business with 600,000 users and partners including Lazada and Adidas, it is easy to see the significant rewards potential this partnership has for existing users but more importantly, potential new user acquisition of 600,000 users being introduced to the Roseon DeFi platform. This is a practical example of how ROSN can connect to real life use cases. 

The ROSN token is available on KuCoin against a USDT pair and at the time of writing, it is running at $0.1198 which is considerably retraced after the flurry of buying and price retraction after listing.  At its current price, the market cap is just $1.8m which provides significant upside potential given all the products and services, partnerships and future prospects that Roseon has. It is highlighted that ROSN reached a high of $1.50 per token during its IDO on May 10, 2021.

ROSN in 2021 

Since the app launched in June 2021, Roseon Finance has quickly built its service and product offering in a very short time and currently includes a number of different pools that users can access for high yields and a yield enhancing savings product. The recent addition of LINK, UNI, ADA, DOT and CAKE gives users even more financial opportunities. Furthermore, the platform is also offering a dual rewards program by which people can invest in a token pool and gain rewards not only in the original token, but earn ROSN as well. The APY offered him is currently amongst the highest in the DeFi world, and it is expected that the high APY will not last as awareness of ROSN increases and its user base grows. 

For the balance of 2021, the company roadmap includes an upcoming integration with Polkadot which will open a whole new channel for investments. As a crypto licenced entity, Roseon already is licenced to provide fiat on/off ramp for users and this feature is to be introduced in September 2021, allowing for quick and fast fiat to ROSN conversion.   

Taking into account the various partnerships and expanding pools, we expect the user base will grow which will support the ROSN token price. With these in mind, it is very possible for ROSN to reach $0.90 or even breach the $1 mark before the end of the year, reflecting a market cap that remains very modest in the $10-$15 million range.  

Q4 2021 target Price: $0.90

Is the market still bullish? Yes, we think so. The market needed a correction before, and currently recovering, with Bitcoin just closing above 42K. Keep an eye on the Total Market Capital, if it can break the next resistance of around 1.8 Trillion USD, it is likely that the whole market cap will get back to its previous ATH. Though, there could be a small retracement before the market breaks 1.8T USD. 

In terms of fundamentals, the market is showing signs of recovery, BTC bounced back, ETH EIP 1559 is coming and NFT games are making all time highs. More good news is expected in the upcoming days. Futures & margins had its third big liquidation since the BTC crash to 30k. The capital gains from the last short squeezes triggers a rise in price to balance the market capital.

From the chart, it can be seen that there is already confirmation for the second altcoin season, and we are waiting for the next upcoming trend after NFT gaming. And many DeFi projects, yield farming and yield aggregators are expected to be the targets for the upcoming pump. 

As Roseon Finance is a yield aggregator platform, the price and capital of $ROSN is likely to increase in the upcoming altcoin season. After a month long of consolidation, $ROSN price is expected to increase significantly if it can flip the resistance of $0.15. Then the price may test the $0.22 level before bouncing back to ATH. 

So when should you buy $ROSN? The area around MA200 and MA100 is a good area to buy, which accounts for around 20% of the Fibonacci Retracement.  So, any buy between the consolidation area of $0.07 – $0.14 is acceptable. If you buy in this area you may get the most benefits when the price surges to its previous ATH.

The price has been consolidating for a period and is supported by a strong buy at $0.105. Therefore, it is very important for $ROSN to hold above $0.11 and target $0.145 next. Other areas of interest are on the chart. If $ROSN has a day-candle closes above 0.14, the breakout is confirmed for $ROSN. Seeing how quick this has fallen will only make it easier for it to bounce back up. So there would be little resistance for price recovery, especially $0.21-$0.41 is thin.

To sum up, the price of $ROSN is near bottom, buying in this area gives you maximum upside, once the market confirms its bullishness.

2022: The Year of ROSN DeFi  

Though Roseon Finance is a decentralized setup, its wallet, app and yield aggregation is centralized making it easy for the average user. The platform intends to introduce decentralized yield farm aggregator services and integrate this into the mobile app in 2022. This effectively results in Roseon moving towards a decentralized model starting at that time. 

The team has garnered strong credibility having built a transparent, secure, user-friendly, and simple yield farming platform for its users and achieving all its roadmap milestones as outlined in its whitepaper ahead of schedule. The company has already indicated Roseon.DeFi is the works and targets its full implementation in April 2022 though we expect that Roseon.DeFi will be ready within Q1 2022 providing a further catalyst for the token.  


Roseon Finance offers an innovative platform and promotes DeFi to an advanced level, aiming to work efficiently with the other existing protocols of DeFi to build a new world ecosystem. Fast becoming a practical token that will power a complete ecosystem of staking, farming, NFTs and other crypto investments, ROSN has a very bright future ahead. However, the token has not been immune to the effect of the current overall downmarket, with the token price falling unreasonably to the $0.10-$0.20 range having been affected by a multitude of macro issues across the blockchain universe including regulations and general market sentiment. While the market may continue to correct in the short term, we believe finding hidden gems like Roseon Finance in the downmarket will be very rewarding.

The current price of ROSN represents an enormous buying opportunity with significant upside potential with little risk.  For a fully functioning product with many features, partnerships with real use cases and a team that has in its short history delivered ahead of timelines and exceeded expectations, we believe that a market cap less than $5 million will only be temporary. We believe the ROSN token is significantly undervalued with any price below $0.35 (equating to a $5 million market cap) representing a good entry point. We believe holders of this token will be rewarded as there is strong growth potential over the next 6 months with a target price of $0.90 by Q4 2021. 

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