Roomi To Introduce Props Loyalty Token To Registered Users

Props token loyalty program.

Roomi, the roommate marketplace, is announcing adoption of Props token loyalty program.

Roomi ( helps people to rent out rooms, as well as find roommates in a safe, verified community. Today, the New York City-based company announced it will launch an in-app loyalty program backed by Props (, a token-based loyalty platform aimed at customer retention. 

According to a company spokesperson, Roomi users can earn Props loyalty token, unlock benefits and be rewarded with a financial stake in the ecosystem they already participate in. The company will be the sixth app to launch Props.

Launched in 2015, Roomi has more than three million registered users in the U.S. and Latin America, and continues to expand. The growing Props network includes YouNow, PalTalk, Camfrog, Listia and Tegger. There are eight million Props token holders.

“Roomi brings together people who comprise our network and make our platform valuable. We have been considering how to share long-term value with loyal users. Props provides that ability,” says Ajay Yadav, founder and CEO of Roomi. “We are impressed with the simple SaaS-like tools to implement blockchain. We look forward to establishing a deeper financial alignment with users to create further growth and value for all participants on Roomi and the Props network.” 

Adi Sideman, cofounder of the Props Public Benefit Corporation, says: “Roomi’s planned integration of Props is another step towards bringing the power of digital assets to mainstream users. Roomi is a world-class platform and recognized brand. We are delighted that Roomi chose to build on Props.” 

Using Props In The Roomi Network

Roomi enables people who seek to rent spaces to easily find appealing deals in their areas. Users can also access information about potential future roommates and living environment. 

Renters can post available rooms and vet roommate candidates. Roomi’s security products enable both parties to verify the other’s identity and conduct background checks. This ensures safe connections and transactions.

Props enables Roomi to further attribute user reputation, a critical signal in a people-centric marketplace. The rewards platform also unlock discounts to engaged and loyal Roomi members. Active users that verify identity, transact on the platform, and invite friends are rewarded with Props tokens.

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