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Roofing ROI: How to Grow Your Contracting Business


Generally, planning goes for a toss when the daily business operations get hectic. But to manage it correctly and by following the tips mentioned in this article. So, with this article, let us learn the concept of roofing lead generation and how to grow your contracting business.

Every contracting business will have the desire to watch its business grow, and its Return on Investments (ROI) flourish. However, this only happens in a matter of a few minutes. A high degree of diligence while following several steps shall therefore be followed.

In this article, we will learn how to grow your contracting business with the help of roofing ROIs.

Tips for Roofing Your Contracting Business

Following are several tips that you may follow in the process of growing your contracting business.

  • Research

Before proceeding with any further steps, there must be a methodical and scientific process of reevaluating. You should do this to establish information or facts to determine whether the existing conclusions can be modified. This research process helps clarify any doubtful propositions that might arise and correct any misconceived facts. You may also become a government contractor using several platforms.

  • Planning and Preparing

Proper and diligent planning must be done before proceeding with the actual activity. Putting all the ideas and courses of action and prioritizing them all on paper is very important. This step is significant to ensure the long-term and sustainable growth of the industry. This step is highly significant for all contracting businesses, irrespective of their size and composition. This step can potentially boost your business’s effectiveness and profitability.

  • Financial diligence and literacy

The costs will only sometimes be according to what you can afford. So, sometimes covering the outstanding costs might pose to be a great challenge. Approximately calculating the anticipated cost estimates of all the aspects of running the painting industry. This process is called ‘budgeting’. It is important to budget all the costs in an organized manner. That is, it is essential to break down different categories of costs separately to avoid confusion.

  • Funding

The size of your business majorly influences the sources and amount of funding required. In the case of a small-scale contracting business, external funding or support is usually optional. However, if you wish to obtain funding from any external source or institution, it is important to maintain proper accounts and records. There are several contractor business systems that you may take help of.

  • Technology

In the rapidly changing modern times, the pace of technological changes gets out of hand. Customer Relationship Management or CRM enables roofers to track information and communication concerning customer relations and generating leads. ERPs or Enterprise resource planning allows roofing contractors to automate several functions such as financing, accounting, procuring resources, etc.

  • Operation

Maximizing efficiency simultaneously with effectiveness is very important. Therefore, you may enable your business to operate however you find the most suitable. Proper and diligent operation enables your company to grow and expand in a real sense.

  • Staffing

Hiring new personnel and training existing personnel are necessary for efficient functioning and management. Appointing people at different levels of the organization with specialized skill sets and abilities minimizes conflicts within the industry.

  • Base work

Ensure that the surface to be painted on is clean and dry. Moreover, choose the right quality, color, techniques, and other equipment suitable for the requirement, weather conditions, etc.

  • Communication

Proper and effective communication is an essential function while working in a team. Information should be communicated to all the necessary levels and done diligently to avoid misunderstandings. The lower levels, especially, must be informed with the proper instructions.

  • Marketing

Marketing might not always directly imply attracting new customers. It is equally important to retain the existing ones. It is, thereby important to maintain a good online as well as offline presence. You must stay connected with your customers and establish your brand in the best way possible. For instance, proper research, customer feedback, and social media presence are some of the important ways to promote your business.

  • Address the problems

Identifying a problem is a difference between the current situation and the desired outcome. A problem arises whenever an individual is confronted with a query that entails uncertainty or ambiguity. They must be addressed and provided with potential alternatives to fix or solve these issues. These alternatives should be tested for their strengths and weaknesses. The decision regarding the solution from the given alternatives should be according to the need of the situation.

  • Evaluate your Regulatory Adherence

Complying with the frameworks or the guidelines given by the regulatory bodies can pose to be very helpful in the painting industry. It will help in dodging unnecessary wastages of time and resources which would normally arise due to such violations. Regulatory adherence will also keep your project and the people involved away from any sort of government action.

  • Outsourcing

You may not always have time to do everything personally and by yourself. If you are looking at growing your business on a large scale, you should inevitably be willing to outsource. By contracting and outsourcing some of the functions, you can ensure that the work is done without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

  • Be there

You must build and maintain a reputation for your customers to gain trust and confidence in you and your business. Hence, it is important to be there for your target customers. One of how this may be done is by providing customer service. This will help build loyalty among customers and will further help in promoting your business through word-of-mouth.

  • Being a part of the Association

By being a part of the Industry Association, your contacts, and connections will increase. Especially in a contracting business, network building is very important. This may additionally also help in training and other forms of assistance.

  • Flexibility

In a dynamic world, a rigid plan and structure might not be a good solution to resort to. However, it is important to sometimes go out of the way and do something as per the situation. That is, not functioning in complete accordance with the strict norms may be helpful.

  • Mentorship

A mentor is someone who provides guidance to you either generally or in a particular field. They may train you or help you take careful diligence as per their proficiency.

  • Stand out

In a market full of competitors, it is very important to have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes you stand out is a very important and influential feature for a business. Therefore, always sticking to a niche market using traditional methods might not help in roofing your ROIs (Return on Investments).


  • How can I promote my roofing business?

You may promote your roofing business in many ways such as through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You may also use platforms such as LinkedIn and Email marketing. Additionally, you can opt for paid advertisements, SEO optimization, referral programs, etc.

  • What is the best business structure for a roofing company?

The best business structure for a roofing company is an LLC. A Limited Liability Company is a well-known business structure in this field. An LLC protects the owners of a business, unlike in cases of a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

  • What is the profit margin of the roofing sheet business?

Although the roofing sheet business demands a substantial amount of investment, it requires considerably lower maintenance. It also has a stable and certain profit margin i.e. it may be somewhere between 60 and 80%.

  • What are the different types of roof marketing?

Under traditional roof marketing, several things include direct mail, paid advertisements, referrals, and other events. On the other hand, modern roof marketing includes various digital modes. For instance, platforms such as social media marketing, customer reviews, and websites are used.

  • Who are the biggest roofing distributors?

ABC Supply CO, Inc. is the biggest roofing distributor in the USA. It is a well-known wholesale distributor in the country. This company is a reputed distributor of windows and other building tools and equipment.


In modern times, it is a relatively easy task to find platforms for both online and offline marketing tools. The process for roofing ROIs has been made easier than ever. Technology’s contribution to this field is enormous. However, if not used diligently, technology may backfire and drown the business. You can always try out different tools to enable the growth and development of your contracting business.

Despite having a wide range of options, opting for the right strategy at the right time is highly crucial. All these depend on factors such as the scale of operation of your business, location, funding sources, requirements, the technology available, etc. Your competitors’ choices and moves must be carefully observed before implementing any particular strategy.

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