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Ronnie Gauthier and Her Hugely Successful Career in Entrepreneurship

Ronnie Gauthier

Ronnie Gauthier has been gaining massive momentum in recent years. Starting off professionally working with special needs children while pursuing a master’s in psychology, Ronnie has always held a passion for helping others grow. However, when her husband, Jay Gauthier, got started in the financial industry, Ronnie saw the potential for a different way to help people.

Completely switching fields, Ronnie steered away from psychology to pursue business and opened up an office with Jay. Despite some struggles early on, the duo found a system that worked through trial and error and began building impressive momentum with their business.

Since the inception of their business, Ronnie and Jay have grown their financial team into one of the most successful in North America. Ronnie and her team have worked hard throughout the years to help lead, train, coach, develop, and mentor thousands of people to get them to a position of financial success and literacy.

Over anything else, Ronnie hopes to help people grow. “I know what it is like to struggle financially and feel like you’re starting from nothing. My clients know that this is why I am passionate about what I do. Even if they do not become my client, it is my goal that they leave feeling they have gained some value in one way or another.”

Ronnie has big plans for her organization. Within the next five years, she hopes to expand across the United States and have a thousand agents. Before she retires, Ronnie hopes to reach 25,000 licensed agents, all in the name of being able to coach and consult those trying to become financially successful across the nation.

You can find Ronnie Gauthier on Instagram here.


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