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Ronn Torossian: A Native Of NY Now PR Guru

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Rarely will you find a PR Executive cite their first job in a Bronx Pizzeria as a source of vital education regarding their successful public relations career. However, Ronn Torossian has made a habit of taking the unconventional route toward his goals.  ‘Humble beginnings’ and ‘’never forget where you come from’ have always been themes throughout his life.

This native New Yorker says being tough is in his DNA. To become successful in life, most likely at some point, you’re going to have to learn to make something out of nothing. After essentially making his own way in life, Ronn Torossian knows a thing or two about creating a successful PR career and creating it from nothing.

Starting from scratch, this successful PR Executive has scaled to the upper echelon of his industry. However, one doesn’t get named Executive of the Year by accident. Let’s take a look at how Ronn Torossian arrived at his success.

He Wasn’t Always Ronn Torossian PR Executive

Before working with heavyweights like Starbucks and Microsoft, Ronn Torossian started as a Liberal Arts Major in college. After a brief stint in Israel, Torossian returned to the US, where he got his first taste of public relations in 1998. Since then, he’s been blazing trails in the PR world and is widely considered one of the premier authorities in the industry. He’s counseled blue-chip companies and top-level executives from all over the globe..

Harvard Lectures

In 2019, Torossian began a series of lectures at Harvard Business School. The lectures focused on a subject that Torossial has spent many hours perfecting and of which he is now one of the foremost industry experts, crisis PR. He also spoke to those two classes at Harvard Business School focusing more specifically on crisis communications lessons, strategies and best practices.

A case study about United Breaks Guitars was the subject of the course on marketing and public relations. The students exchanged insights with Torossian regarding what was then a high-profile incident involving United Airlines that led to the destruction of a guitarist’s guitar. Following the incident, the musician decided to write a song about it, which went viral and became a public relations nightmare for the airline.

Ronn Torossian expressed his views on his time at harvard. “I credit Harvard Business School for understanding that for the next generation of communications professionals, it’s important that they learn from firsthand accounts, whether they be successes or failures. So much of this job is about getting knocked down and picking yourself right back up. It’s hard to gain that knowledge relying solely on a textbook.” 

Staple In the PR World

Besides the Forbes column he sporadically writes, Ronn Torossian is also a staple on CNN and CNBC, offering his advice on numerous PR and business topics. He’s also a published author and penned the book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results With Game-Changing Public Relations,” which is an industry best-seller.

A key point of Torosian’s offering is that businesses can survive when they are able to communicate quickly, often preemptively, and effectively – and at a cost that is much cheaper than comparable marketing or advertising. 

For Immediate Release shows PR beginners and professionals how to:

  • Establish a discussion framework and control the conversation
  • To reach your target audiences and create highly personalized, relevant impressions tailored to them, use both new and old media simultaneously
  • Protect or stop what isn’t in your interests as a brand or business
  • Focus on positive press, while avoiding or minimizing negative press
  • Make sure that the first thing people see when they search the Internet is the information you want them to see
  • Be as effective and efficient as possible when handling a crisis

His PR strategy is renowned for its powerful narratives and Torossian frequently refers to the importance of innovation in both lectures and articles. For Immediate Release encompasses all of these teachings from Torossians career and so much more. If you love PR, you’ll love this book.  

The Power of Innovation

Torossian is a firm believer that staying ahead of the curve is a crucial element of success.

In addition to providing cutting-edge information, he offers new ideas to the public and media. Torossian believes that by staying one step ahead of the media and competition and continuously remaining innovative, you’ll attract attention and generate excitement. To his and his clients’ credit, it has worked so far.

So how did a man who was once dubbed the Most Influential New Yorker become successful and established as a PR executive? According to an interview with Torossian, establishing a successful presence in the PR industry as an executive requires certain skills.

Words of Wisdom

An excerpt from Torossian’s interview with Thrive Global follows. 

The question was what five pieces of advice he wished he had been given before becoming a successful executive. Young people who aspire to succeed in the PR world might find this advice very useful.

  1. Lead by example. Connect with your employees and show them what you expect from them. I work hard for the company and for my employees’ advancement. Also, people should be treated the same way you wish to be treated.
  2. Learn to listen. Good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. Understand that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Learn to listen to others and learn to trust your gut.
  3. You should cut your losses. Don’t hold on to business aspects that don’t serve your mission. In some cases, you’ll have to resign from clients that no longer fit your business model. Ultimately, it is a strategy that helps you grow and prosper in the long run. The 80/20 rule still holds true.
  4. Practice gratitude and pay attention to the little things. Spend time with your family and friends. Show your appreciation for the hard work of your employees. Make sure that your team is treated fairly and that you maintain a positive attitude at work. Balance is important, as well as knowing what makes you tick.
  5. Give back. I Donate 10% of my annual earnings to charity every year. IThe more you give, the more you get back in return. Being able to give is a blessing, and the desire to help others comes full circle back to being productive, working harder, and making a difference as an entrepreneur.

One thing is true of Ronn Torossian. Whether you’re speaking of humble pizza shop beginnings or taking the PR world by storm, innovation and dedication are two things this New York native and PR industry leader brings with force.

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