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Ron Book Offers Four Ways To Help At-Risk Youth

Ron Book - At-Risk Youth

When children suffer, that pain can overshadow a person’s entire life, according to business leader and advocate Ron Book. Childhood trauma can lead to psychological and physical straggles that cause long-term problems not only for adolescents, but entire societies. Ron Book recognizes that when we invest in our youth, we invest in our community and our future. 

Ron Book, who works with multiple non-profit organizations, understands the importance of engagement and support with at-risk youth. As a father, grandfather, and advocate, he suggests four ways you can get involved to help at-risk youth. 

Fueling Your Passion into Action

You can use your passions to begin organizations focused on youth education, awareness, and recovery. Since 2007, Ron Book, has taken an active role in helping children and teens overcome childhood sexual abuse and become thriving survivors. With his daughter, State Senator Lauren Book, he helped found Lauren’s Kids and currently serves as Chairman of Board. Lauren’s Kids is dedicated to sexual abuse education and healing for survivors. Today, the Safer, Smarter Schools Curriculum, a comprehensive in school curricula for students in grades Pre-K to 12, has been used in over 90,000 classrooms across 40 states to teach kids and teens about personal safety and sexual abuse prevention. 

Get Involved With Your Local Community 

There is no better way to support at-risk youth than getting involved with existing community efforts. Ron Book has been involved in over 20 community organizations ranging from child sexual abuse prevention to combating homelessness in Broward County. He became a member of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust over 25 years ago and since has been subsequently reelected as Charmain of the Trust. The Trust allocates over $66 million to expanding permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness in the Broward and hosts community engagement events at shelters. There are always existing community organizations, that speak to your passions, in need of your support. 

Connect With Schools

Schools are the educational institutions that shape our children. Often, the classroom can be a safe space for children and teens experiencing troubles at home. In your community, talk to schools and teachers about how you can get involved through volunteering, mentorship, or donating resources like books, professional attire, or school supplies. There is no better way to support youth than by having a positive impact on their classroom experience and education.  

Become a Mentor

Children and teens suffering trauma from violent or difficult life circumstances, such as poverty and abuse, benefit greatly from a caring presence and an open heart. Ron Book believes in the power of mentorship to support our youth. He is involved with Best Buddies which provides mentoring and relationship building for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Adult guidance ranging from personal empowerment to professional development helps to shape our next generation of future leaders. Like Ron, consider becoming a mentor to positively impact a youth’s life. 


Ronald L. Book is the Founder, President, and CEO of Ronald L. Book, P.A. This Florida-based firm is an industry leader in lobbying, public policy, and governmental affairs. Book has earned a credible reputation as a powerful force in Florida Legislature for businesses, non-profits, and local governments. Ron Book offers his decades of professional experience to multiple philanthropic organizations including Best Buddies, the Mourning Family Foundation, and the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. A 25-year member of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, he is dedicated to eradicating homelessness in the Broward community. Book is also a founding member and Chairman of Lauren’s Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization, providing childhood sexual abuse education and prevention in over 90,000 classrooms across 40 states.  

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