ROLZO – Ultimate Access to Effortless Car Travel

Who doesn’t want an easily accessible and efficient car travel service that not only serves the requirement of transportation but also provides a touch of extravagance? Surely, it is an impressive notion!

While the troubles of conveyance were mostly resolved with the emergence of platforms that provide taxi services to passengers through mobile applications, the same service just doesn’t cut it when it comes to catering to the special needs of a client or providing a luxurious travel experience. For example, where does a company go when they have to fetch an important client and lack the necessary vehicle to make the client feel the hospitality and exquisite treatment that you wish to show them? Similarly, there is a lack of transportation services that understand the importance of providing a luxurious travel experience, a VIP Meet & Greet, or chauffeur services that ensure a passenger’s journey is effortless and carefully choreographed and tailored to their requirements.

This lack was felt not only by the market and those who required the service but also by Dubai-based French entrepreneur, Khaled Shehata. Born in Montreuil, France, Shehata is the founder of ROLZO, a B2B luxury ground transportation service used by the world’s leading companies in travel, lifestyle, hospitality, and aviation to manage their clients’ journeys in more than 100 countries, 500 cities and 1,000 airports. The company’s foundation was laid in 2018 and since then, ROLZO has been making car travel effortless with a fleet of over 10,000 cars that are up for booking on-demand at a moment’s notice around the world. The company prides itself on providing seamless travel with maximum efficiency and according to the passengers’ requirements and tailored needs. ROLZO provides travel services to big names and companies such as AMEX, Chanel, Mastercard, AMAN, Tiffany & Co., and Ten Lifestyle Group and maintains their chauffeurs and cars, which are highly vetted and carefully selected, accordingly. ROLZO also deals with companies such as L’Artisien and Le Collectionist.

ROLZO is not the only impressive deed Shehata has accomplished in his life. Other than being the founder of ROLZO, Shehata is known for discovering security breaches in governmental institutions like NASA and served as a chief technology officer at The CRM Mobile Corp, a French company operating in the electronic-CRM loyalty programs industry with global retail clients including Galeries Lafayette, Franprix, Monoprix, Kellogg’s, Celio, Casino, Intermarché, Brico Dépôt, and BNP Paribas. Shehata has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Jean Jaurès College and spent 2 years at the Paris Diderot University via MIAS cursus from where he learned computer engineering and mathematics.

Shehata is proficient in the technical and design development of SEO applications and helped various organizations find and solve their security issues via CERT-FR alerts. In 2010, he aided NASA in fixing the security vulnerabilities of the Hubble Space Telescope. With a passion for IT security, he helped French governmental entities such as DICOD (Délégation à l’information et à la communication de la Défense), OFPRA (Office français de protection des réfugiés et apatrides), and the French Ministry of Defense to solve their security problems in 2013. In 2014, he also fixed the IT security issue of the private corporation Euronews.

Shehata is truly an entrepreneur to the bone with his skills and expertise not just limited to a single field. While on one hand, he dominates the luxury traveling service market with ROLZO, on the other, he has made a name for himself by helping corporations combat inadequate security practices.


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