Rollblock’s $5 Target Outshines DOGE Price As Algorand (ALGO) and VeChain (VET) See Weak Investor Sentiment

Rollblock Investor Sentiment

After a significant 40% gain in less than a month, crypto analysts predict that Rollblock could hit $5 within a year. This bold prediction has caught the attention of Dogecoin investors, many of whom are disappointed with the DOGE’s slow returns. At the same time Algorand and VeChain returns are dwindling, creating a bearish sentiment around the projects. Should this continue to build, Algorand and VeChain investors might switch to Rollblock. 

Just 9% Of Algorand Investors are in Profit 

The latest data from IntoTheBlock shows that just 9.39% of Algorand holders are in profit. This shocking statistic comes as a surprise to investors, given that ALGO has increased by 38% over the past year. 

Despite the project’s low profitability, Algorand investors remain loyal to its long-term growth. Recent polls show that 88.4% of Algorand investors plan to hold their tokens despite the project’s poor returns. 

On average, Algorand investors hold their tokens for 11 months, five months longer than competitors like Avalanche. This average implies that Algorand investors believe in its future potential, and as a result, holding long-term could still be profitable. 

Dogecoin Declines Amid Bearish Community Activity 

Dogecoin is losing its appeal. Over the last year, rivals such as Pepe have outperformed the meme coin, suggesting that it could be too late to capitalize on Dogecoin. This perspective is supported by Santiment’s Brian. In a recent interview Brian stated: “Dogecoin seems to be dead.”

Over the last week Dogecoin’s price has fallen by 11.8%, and its social activity has also fallen. This suggests a bearish sentiment is building around Dogecoin, and therefore DOGE could see further declines in June. At the time of writing, Dogecoin was trading at $0.1446. 

VeChain Announces New Collaboration 

VeChain recently announced a new collaboration with WoV Labs. The collaboration is designed to support the “Phygital” revolution, mixing tangible and virtual worlds using Web3 technology. Should the collaboration succeed, it could dramatically enhance VeChain’s utility.

Since this announcement, VeChain’s price has decreased by 4.1%, though this decline has been influenced by market trends. VeChain is now trading at $0.03028 and it has a daily trading volume of $41 million. 

Can Rollblock Reach $5? 

As the altcoin market enters bearish territory, many investors are choosing to buy Rollblock to hedge their portfolios. Rollblock has already seen returns of 40% in one month, and experts believe its returns could go as high as 720%. But how is Rollblock outperforming top altcoins?

Rollblock offers a unique DeFi application. It’s the first iGaming project to introduce a DeFi casino and revenue share model, which lets investors generate a passive income. Its casino hosts over 150 game modes and is compatible with over 20 cryptocurrencies. The platform is already live and plans to add new features, such as sports iGames, over the next few months. 

To earn a passive income with Rollblock, investors need to buy and hold the project’s utility token, RBLK. Rollblock will share up to 30% of its revenue with token holders, who will earn weekly rewards. 

The project will share revenue by purchasing RBLK from the open market. It will then split the tokens it buys into two halves. The first half will be used for rewards, offering one of the highest APYs in the market. The remaining half will be burned, slowly creating scarcity and driving up the price of RBLK tokens that remain in circulation.  

Rollblock is in the third stage of its presale, and RBLK is selling at a low price of just $0.014. With experts already making huge price predictions and the Rollblock casino attracting hundreds of users, RBLK could easily reach $5 within a year. 


The presale of Rollblock has been quite successful, and that is proof that the project has managed to attract the attention of the crypto market. RBLK has been predicted by analysts to rise by 100x in this year alone. Hence, relying on these positive forecasts, RBLK is the best crypto to buy at the moment.

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