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Role of Custom Tents in Elevating Your Restaurant’s Dining Appeal & Capacity

As we know the food & restaurant industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic, restaurant groups are now prioritizing a sizable outside space to entice new customers. Expanding your restaurant using customized outdoor dining tents is a practical and affordable way to add more appeal to your business’ outdoor dining space. Also, these restaurant tents allow extra seating space to attract and serve more customers.

If you want to upgrade your restaurant or bar’s outdoor dining space, getting a restaurant tent could be a smart choice! Let’s discuss how custom tents can be a worthy investment to increase the capacity and appeal of your restaurant business.

Increased dining capacity

Outdoor dining in a relaxed setting has something magical that leaves diners craving more! As outdoor dining becomes more popular in the post-pandemic scenario, restaurants are using canopy tents to create more covered space for outdoor seating. This helps to increase the dining capacity of the restaurant and position your business to serve more customers simultaneously, thus increasing its bottom line.

Outdoor dining tents also offer proper ventilation and minimal congestion, which is common in enclosed restaurants and bars. Consider having the pop up tents in your restaurant’s deck or patio area, sidewalk, rooftop, or even a grassy lawn to utilize your space for outdoor dining.

Custom tents offering expanded seating outdoors can also cut down the customer wait time for a table and increase your productivity during busy weeks for more profits and substantial ROI.

Delightful dining experience

A pop up tent outside your restaurant provides a functional, covered, and cozy dining experience your guests will love!

When the weather is nice outside, especially during the warmer months, outdoor restaurants with aesthetically-pleasing open-air custom printed pop up tents tend to attract more people than those which don’t offer outdoor dining. Some passers-by may even decide to dine at your place next time, seeing the lively atmosphere among other customers enjoying a nice meal or drink outside your restaurant.

Moreover, using custom printed event tents for outdoor dining gives the freedom to adjust your restaurant’s look and feel according to the occasion (say, Christmas or New Year’s Eve). It is relatively harder to reconfigure booths or other furniture inside the restaurant.

The durable frame structure of such high-quality event tents can also support pretty hanging plants, decorative lighting, and other things to uplift the overall ambiance. You can also consider adding fire pits, tiki torches, and other things to keep your guests more comfortable.

Stronger branding and advertising

Having a custom printed pop up canopy tents brings both elegance and functionality to the outside seating arrangement of your restaurant. You can customize your canopy tent with unique colors and eye-catching graphics that match or complement your branding as well as print custom details like the name of your restaurant, logo, website, contact information, or any new offerings to make the outdoor structure even more appealing. You can create a desired theme or environment for your outdoor dining area by using a particular color palette and artwork to elevate the aesthetics of your restaurant.

Believe it or not, your promotional custom printed pop up tents on the sidewalk or patio will act like an advertising billboard, which will be visible to your customers from afar. All in all, your outdoor canopy tents will leave no chance to attract passers-by and boost your sales.

Having a custom canopy tent can sometimes be time-consuming. But some high-end custom canopy manufacturers can offer faster turnaround times, so discuss the total time taken for delivery as you compare different restaurant canopy quotes.

Prepared for inclement weather

No matter the restaurant location or time of the year, you have to be always prepared for bad weather conditions if you are offer outdoor dining to your guests.

Consider setting up a large, weather-resistant outdoor canopy tent that can provide ample shade and shelter to shield all your guests and patrons from a rainstorm or direct sunlight. Make sure your outdoor seating tent allows your guests to enjoy nature without getting wet or sweaty.

Using custom tent accessories like sidewalls and zippered doors and windows, you can provide a secure enclosed dining space on rainy or colder days, keeping dust and insects at bay. Your guests can also comfortably rest and wait under it until the table is ready in a more volatile climate.

Easy portability

Last but not least: if you plan to use your outdoor tents seasonally, choose tents that can be easily packed and stored away for months using minimal space while not in use. 

Unless you plan to leave your restaurant tents up for extended periods, you must factor in the portability of the tents you choose. Also, ensure your outdoor dining tents are easy and quick to set up or take down.

There is another interesting fact we often miss about custom tents for outdoor use. These tents are more pet-friendly and attract more patrons with pets to your establishment. Also, parents with kids are less concerned about their kids disturbing the other customers and are keener to visit eateries and restaurants with outdoor canopies.

Beyond all this, versatility, energy efficiency, longevity, and ease of use are some of the obvious benefits of getting a custom outdoor tent for your restaurant, bar, or brewery business.


Custom tents outside your restaurant or any other dining space are not just functional but a great marketing tool to add more appeal and encourage foot traffic. From protection against extreme weather conditions to creating exquisite dining experiences for your guests, outdoor dining tents can take your restaurant business one step ahead of competitors.


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