“Rocket science”: SyncFab is one step closer to meet production deadlines!


Recently held The Best of SMX Virtual Event brought together some of the best minds in disruptive technologies, which will change the manufacturing industry in the next decade. Addressing Smart Manufacturing Experience to the like-minded business leaders, SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin presented his report: Manufacturing Blockchain Solutions as Key to Digital Transformation.

Goodwin explained how digital platforms can streamline sourcing and procurement to save time and resources and what SyncFab is currently doing to enhance its own platform. “Learning how to utilize such technology can help re-shore jobs & incentivize local manufacturing for clean energy and economic development initiatives. 

Manufacturing blockchain platforms allows buyers to source available capacity on-demand and approve vendors in real-time, which can benefit a number of industries and sectors, including aerospace and defense, automotive, electronic components, medical devices, and renewable energy,” SyncFab’s CEO said in his presentation. “Ultimately, this is a new technology that brings blockchain into traditional supply chains and thus allows to develop smart manufacturing for Industry 4.0.”


Earlier this year Jeremy Goodwin said that the coronavirus pandemic created a real bottleneck in the availability of critical components, since almost all supply chains around the globe were negatively impacted by the crisis. Goodwin used the example of disrupted ventilator parts supplies – when a manufacturer could not receive parts from China that had to go into the assembly of a finished ventilator. This would result in a complete redesign of the ventilator, and a complete re-sourcing of those individual components that weren’t readily available from Chinese suppliers. 

distributed manufacturing

SyncFab is a distributed manufacturing digital operations platform founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley that streamlines the way OEM hardware supply chain buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely end-to-end using blockchain technology. SyncFab has recently launched an awareness campaign to address its ongoing personnel expansion and created #Space #Aerospace and #Defense sector jobs in California. It also urged manufacturers to switch to SyncFab’s digital operations procurement platform to improve year production schedule deadline fulfillment compensating for legacy ERP inefficiencies and streamline procurement of precision parts enhanced by blockchain for end to end security and traceability.

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