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Rock Party Labs Announces Rock Party Classic 3D NFT Collection

Rock Party Classic Collection (RPCC), an NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a 3D NFT collection of Commemorative Backstage Passes celebrating the most iconic rock bands performing some of their most memorable concerts from the classic era of music’s most infamous genre-1960 thru 1979.

Developed by Rock Party Labs LLC, as a frictionless, fun, safe, and superior Rock ‘n’ Roll Web3 experience for Rock fans of all ages.

The Rock Party Classic Collection contains 2542 NFTs. Each Rock Party Commemorative Backstage Pass is unique for a specific concert-there is only one backstage pass minted per event-2542 specific concerts translate into 2542 kind traits-furthermore each Rock Party 3D Commemorative Backstage Pass is programmatically generated with a potential additional 25 more traits per pass.

Each pass grants owners access to a special backstage area. There they will find unique Rock Party Fans (members only) SWAG-exclusive access to upcoming collaborations and of course, entrance to Official Rock Party Events including backstage stage passes to some of the biggest concerts in 2023 and beyond.

Rock Party Labs has also laid out an extensive road map that goes beyond 2024-the most important upcoming date being October 21, 2022, with a full website unveiling as well as a sneak peek at the 3D artwork.

The Rock Party Classic Collection NFT Pre-Sale drop is currently scheduled for October 31, 2022-limited Whitelist spots are available via discord for just .1 ETH and the Collection will be available to the Public on November 2, 2022 (website) for .15 ETH.

Rock Paty Classic Collection NFT will have it revealed the following day November 3, 2022, via OpenSea.

*25 passes are being withheld from the launch. These will be utilized for promotional purposes as well as for creators and launch supporters.

Learn more about Rock Party NFT:

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